Ah, trusting yourself, what big a subject right?? How do you trust yourself? We can all struggle with this at times, daily, or every second. I could give you tools, methods or something to do to trust yourself. These methods could work or not work for you. If a method works, great! You feel relieved, happy, better and believe in yourself. If the methods don’t work, you feel frustrated and upset, adding to the fear and hopelessness of not trusting yourself. We must approach how to trust yourself on a foundational level. If we don’t start here, at some point the fears and doubts creep back in, you can feel back to square one, same questions, same upsets.

So let’s nip all that in the bud shall we? Let’s stop all of circumstantial, situational back and forth from trust to not trust. Let’s bypass that fickle ego. Let’s point to the truth within you so you have a solid foundation to work from and practice with. 

And here it is: Trust is not something you do, trust is what you are. You are trust itself. What happens within you when you read those words? How does this feel? Does it resonate as truth? Yes? No?

True trust arises deep out of your true-self, out from your true nature, residing in the truth of who you are. It’s a consciousness, vibration, a feeling (not emotion). It’s part of the core and peace of who you are. It’s not an action your Being does, it’s what your Being is. Your being walks in and as trust, walks in and as faith. Not because of waiting for something outside of you to happen or not happen, but because trust is who and what you are. 

Trust is normally an action we work hard to do or have. Trust is something we normally put on someone or on something outside us to behave in a certain way. The second we do this, we’re actually setting ourselves up for disappointment because it’s actually not trust, its expectation. We’re giving our power away to something outside ourselves. 

Example: I need to be able to trust you. I need to be able to trust life. I trust that you’ll do what you say you’ll do. I trust that you won’t let me down, I trust that won’t lie to me, betray me. I trust life to manifest something I need when I need it. I trust life to match my prayers, emotional needs and give me proof. If these things don’t happen or just change ever so slightly, BAM! My world is rocked all because of something outside of me. I now have an existential crisis of what’s real and what I can and cannot trust. Then I say, “See, I knew it! I can’t trust.” Then my fears, grief and hopeless get triggered and I freak out. Then at some point I feel better and I work to trust again. Then I start the whole cycle all over again. Then I pull back on trusting. I shut down. I don’t trust myself, life or God and now I’m screwed.  Meanwhile, I made the whole thing up from the get-go!

What if you could stop this cycle? What if you could take this whole thing a step deeper? What if you went into your trust energy and heart when circumstances are happening. What if you tapped into the consciousness within you that is trust.  Not fleeting loyalties that can get exchanged from one thing to the next because something did or didn’t happen. Not focused on some idea or expectation of some limited outcome or how you think people or things should be, but to stop, feel your feelings and breathe. 

Breathe. Feel your feelings as is. No fixing, just feeling your feelings. Then when you feel ready, gently make your way down to your heart of heart of hearts. Deep within your heart. Breathe with and as your heart. Feel this place, the energies here. Ask your heart to bring you the true energies and consciousness of trust. State with gusto: “I am trust and I am here to feel and be myself. “ Allow your heat to take you into trust. Ask your heart to bring you your true-trusting energies, vibrations, consciousness. Be curious of what your heart will bring you. What does this feel like? What are the energy signatures of this trust? What does it feel like when you’re with your true-trust? Can you rest back here? Get to know this. Get to know yourself as trust. Then in this inner place is where you bring your questions of, “Something isn’t happening in the ways I thought or needed. What can you show me about this? What can you tell me? What is there to be done, if anything? What are my next steps? How do I feel and walk as trust even though this is happening? What is this experience wanting me to know about myself? Just be here. Be with you and your deepest true-trust.

Trust for real. Be in your own reliance system, your guidance, your path-shower. You are trust, you are this and have always been.

About Ambujam Rose

Ambujam is a Self-Embodiment Guide & Healer. She sees where you are on the path and helps you stay on the path. You’re asked to own your choices, reconcile karma and be who you are.

Ambujam sees multi-dimensionally, zooming into the original roots of life-themes, situations, relationships and how you experience yourself. Your knowing partners with Ambujam’s gifts, freeing patterns to their core, propelling you on your rightful path.

Ambujam’s sessions & Group Power Healings have accelerated the path to freedom for over 27 years. Her dedication to embodying her own path continuously creates her work to meet the evolutionary needs of humanity. She works with large groups, individuals, businesses, couples, families, teens, children and animals.

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