Hi, this is Tamra Oviatt, I’d to share something with you that could really help you in your life… being conscious… whether in the here and now, or concerning whatever you’re creating, or how you’re living your life.

As human beings we’re all connected to the collective subconsciousness, and we also have our own personal subconsciousness. On a daily basis we operate at between one and four percent in our own consciousness, and everything else is unconsciousness, and then add to that the unconscious aspect of the collective consciousness. So to be here now, it’s so incredibly important, when something comes up in your mind or that’s in your way, to ask yourself, “Is this belief one that’s unconscious, or from the collective consciousness?” and then make a conscious choice. “I choose to consciously focus on this.”

When people first fall in love their lives are amazing. They’re really happy because they’re very present and operating in their consciousness all the time. Well, the masters of the planet, and people who master their wealth and their lives, also become very conscious. So with this understanding it stands to reason that it’s equally important to be mindful and stay in your consciousness so that you’re creating what you desire instead of creating old fears or, the fears of your town, or your church, or your family, or the world… because there are all these fears that we can and do unconsciously plug our thoughts into.

For example, you can be running on the beliefs of sickness, or poverty, or war. However, if you become mindful and connected, knowing that you’re Higher Source living in a body, as well as operating and creating here… how exciting is that? How exciting is it that we could be here on Planet Earth and create such wonderful and beautiful things such as joy, and love, and happiness, and peace?

So how do you do that? Be mindful. What do I mean by that? Just be absolutely conscious of your thoughts and your actions. As you focus in on them, you’ll find your mind wondering, because, like I said, ninety-four to ninety-nine percent of your life is being operated in an unconscious, or unmindful manner. So let’s pull back. Let’s be conscious.

Begin by asking yourself, what it is that I desire? I desire love. I desire peace. I desire joy and happiness. As soon we focus on that side and continue to just screen your thoughts back, you know, for seven, or fifteen, or twenty-one seconds… and remain highly focused on what you desire in life, those other things that used to bother you will just go away.

Each thought is just entertainment. You can be entertained by happiness, or joy, or abundance, or being artsy, or going out and doing things… or you can be entertained by separation, by lack, and by limitations. The choice is completely and totally yours… and only yours.

So how do you choose to live your life? I’ve got to tell you that the more conscious you are of your life, the happier you’re going to be in your mind. So just take a few seconds as often as you can every day and be mindful of love, peace, joy, and happiness. When you do, guess what happens? The super consciousness, or Higher Source, does everything to make that happen for you. So the more you focus on peace, love, joy, and happiness, your subconsciousness starts plugging into those programs instead of the other negative ones. And the next thing you know, your life will be filled with love, peace, joy, and happiness.

Thank you so much for joining me on this little journey into mindfulness.

About Tamra Oviatt

Tamra Oviatt is a visionary leader in the human potential movement. 
Tamra is a sought-after teacher, award-winning author, and speaker. As 
one of the most gifted and powerful healers of our time. Tamra is the 
founder of Sacred Activations; which was given to her by God and is one 
of the most powerful and transformational energy work modalities 
available today. Tamra is an award-winning author of five books, and the 
recipient of The 2016 International publishing people’s choice award in 
the category of spirituality. Tamra has been featured on over one 
hundred telesummits, radio shows, interviews, and videos.

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