Seth M of Expanded Consciousness writes:

When it comes to dealing with toxic people, the best solution is often to simply leave them alone and avoid them at all costs. But this isn’t exactly easy if the toxic person is someone who shares the same spaces as you, like a coworker or a family member.

You can spot toxic people in your life because they have a profound negative effect on our well-being. They drain our energy with different types of behavior, whether it’s constant criticism, neverending jealousy, neediness, or malicious manipulation; these all damage our emotional and mental health.

Here are five things you should do when dealing with the toxic people in your life:

Never take their behavior or actions personally

Unfortunately, when toxic people want something from you or need a justification for doing something that is in poor taste, they’ll place blame on the person they’re trying to manipulate. If you process their actions on a personal level without separating yourself first, you will likely feel some sort of guilt, which is exactly what they want.

Remember that it’s nothing you’ve done. They’re just trying to get under your skin. Let go of the problem or stand up for yourself.

Communicate to them that their behavior will not be tolerated

Oftentimes in life, avoiding confrontation is the route we choose simply because it’s the easiest. But when you’re dealing with a toxic person, confrontation is often the only way to remedy the situation. When we ignore their behavior and act like everything is fine, it gives them the signal that they can continue their poor behavior without consequence, which makes things far worse in the grand scheme of things.

Confront them and let them know that their behavior is not okay with you, and if they continue to do it, they won’t be a part of your life for much longer.

They might not be bad people, but they are bad for you

When it comes to toxic family members, many of them are not genuinely evil or malicious. Even the most well-intentioned and “good” family members can be toxic to us without even recognizing it. Sometimes we fail to recognize it, too.

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