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It often seems that we are ultimately on our own in the world, yet every person alive has their own spirit guide watching over them. Our spirit guides help us navigate the paths we choose in life, they protect and keep us safe when times get tough or tragedies happen.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in spirit guides, there are many other similar types of animals, spirits, and people who we consider to be healers and protectors of humanity. They communicate with us indirectly and send us all many different signs and signals. If you are familiar with what to look for, and are open to the whole idea of spiritual connectivity, then you can pick up on these signs and know what each one means. Below are four of the most common signals your spirit guide uses when trying to contact you.

1) Loose Change

Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and other loose change that you find in random spots may not be so random after all. Our spirit guides will often stick coins is the most unusual places knowing that we will stumble across them. They do this when we are feeling sad and blue as a way to help boost our mood and make us feel happier.

The next time you find a penny or a dime somewhere strange, like in your medicine cabinet, thank your spirit guide for the thoughtful gift!

2) Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that really affected you and the vividness of it all stuck with you long after you woke up? Maybe your dream even came true. This type of déjà vu or memorable dream experience is likely to contain a message or answer to something that you have been searching for. Don’t ignore or write it off as just another dream, it’s guidance and advice from your spirit guide.

3) Feathers

If and when you come across a white feather, don’t ignore it. The simple, natural beauty of white feathers symbolize that your spirit guide is close by keeping watch over you. They will often appear in random, seemingly obscure places, so they’ll stand out. Keep your eyes open for them!


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The Sun Gazing Community was born out of a growing awareness that suffering is an optional state of being. Through our postings, we have sought to encourage all those seeking spiritual progress in their daily journey.We don’t profess to have all the answers. Joy is there for the taking. In creating this website we hope to broaden the scope of what we have begun. Through mutual sharing, together we can continue on this path, working to change hate into love, judgement into tolerance, self-hate into self-respect, despair into hope, and isolation and loneliness into community.