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Your chakras are the energy centers of your body that relate to different areas of your life, so when you are balanced in ALL of them, you have a full and balanced life. This vlog is #5 in a 7-part series of 3 Life Lessons of Each Chakra.

In this one, we are looking at the 3 most important lessons of your throat chakra. If you haven’t yet seen the other vlog posts, you can access them here:

The name of your throat chakra is “visuddha” which means “purity.” Your 5th chakra is the first of your upper, more spiritually-oriented chakras, so it represents the beginning of a whole new level of truth, purpose and service to the world.

This chakra begins truly developing when we reach age 29, which also happens to be the time of the great “Saturn Return” that all astrologers talk about.

The Saturn return is about growing up, taking responsility and finding your true calling; your raison d’etre. Personally, I belief that the most deeply fulfilling aspects of life are related to your throat chakra, so I love its lessons.

Here are 3 Key Life Lessons of Your Throat Chakra

Lesson #1: Keep Your Vows

The throat chakra is about your communication. It invites you to take everything you say up to the next level of impeccability. It is the highest masculine chakra, so it harmonizes with the other masculine chakras, the root and solar plexus.


Together, your odd-numbered chakras create a trifecta (like stepping stones) of outer world success. Your 5th chakra states an intention, your 3rd chakra takes action on that intention, and your 1st chakra then manifests that intention into reality.

The bottom line is this: when you keep your vows, you are successful in your worldly endeavors.

There are basically two steps to take if you want to be better at keeping your vows:

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