“I’m just not sure which direction to go,” I thought to myself. “Is this the best path for me? Is this what my angels would tell me to do? If I only had a sign!”

How many times have you said this exact thought? We all have, and now, I’ll let you in on some of my personal tips and tricks to make sure you’re following your divine path!

It doesn’t matter to your angels what questions you have and whether you believe them to be too big or too small to ask, they lovingly
wait to help you with every area of your life. Don’t ever worry you are bothering your angels or taking them away from someone else. You have a team of heavenly assistants just standing in the proverbial unemployment line waiting for you to call on them.

The first step to communicating with your angels is to ask them for help! Your angels can only intervene in your life if you ask them or if it’s not your time to go and you have a near death experience. You can ask them either out loud with an informal question or even a silent prayer to yourself. Either way, they are listening and ready to help you!

Be sure to get in the habit of talking with your angels on a daily basis so it becomes second nature to you. You may even put reminders around your home or office. I like to use tangible items, like an angel statue or picture, as well as intangibles to remind me. Meditation music is a calming way to relax throughout the day, but it can also remind you to start a conversation with your guides.

Maybe you’re not sure what your guides are telling you! In that case, I teach my students to create a code word with their angels. Decide on a somewhat personal and even obscure word. Once you’ve stated it will be your special term used with your angels, simply ask your angels to play this word in a song if you’re on the right path. Then turn on the radio and listen for your word! You may change the radio station or even switch between your favorites, but I don’t recommend inserting your favorite tunes. This method proves itself when the medium by which you receive the message is uncontrolled by you.

For example, if you’re questioning if beginning a business with your spouse is the best way to proceed, choose a word like “business” instead of “love.” A huge majority of the songs played naturally have the word love in them, so you might not feel as convinced if you hear it. Then reach over and turn on the radio. There might be commercials playing, so feel free to change to another station where there is music. Then listen to the lyrics and determine if your code word was used. If you hear it quickly, usually within 15-20 minutes, that’s validation from your angels you’re on the right path!

Anytime you ask for a sign, answers are given within 24 hours. If you haven’t received your sign, you either missed it or it wasn’t the answer you were looking for. Simply ask again. Now, if you’re like me, I usually ask my question a few times to make double or triple sure I’m hearing them correctly! Hopefully, you have more faith in your angels and yourself and will feel confident only asking one time.
Another way we receive communication from our angels and loved ones is unexpected coins, feathers or even bubbles. If you’re walking out to your car you thinking about someone who’s passed on and see a penny on the ground, it is quite possible they have put it there to let you know they hear you and are around! My husband asks his angels questions when he does yard work in hopes of getting a sign. It’s so neat to see him come inside holding a feather he’d just found as an answer from his heavenly friends.

Sometimes our loved ones in the afterlife come to us in dreams. If you’ve ever had a dream in which a deceased loved one is there and you believe it to be real, you can bet they’ve dropped in to let you know they’re okay and give you closure. If you haven’t had a dream about someone and you’d like to, just ask. Ask them to come to you in your dreams as you climb in bed, and also ask to remember your dreams! I’ve had clients tell me they’ve done this religiously, but still haven’t heard from their parent or friend who crossed over. They might have visited you in your slumber, but due to the extreme pain it would cause you to remember, your body simply protects you and you don’t remember the dream. This won’t always be the case, so continue to ask them for nightly visits.

About Kourtney Levens

Kourtney Levens is an Angel Therapist® who uses her extraordinary abilities to connect with angels to give you a sense of validation. Her gift includes the ability to see, hear, and feel your angels, spirit guides, and loved ones on the other side, so you can receive messages from heaven. Kourtney has helped many people with issues surrounding their health, careers, romance, and a myriad of pressing issues. The messages you may receive will help guide you on the right path or even include spiritual homework to assist you to communicate with your angelic team.

Kourtney helps your Angels communicate with you! Your Angels are always with you and they want to help you. Kourtney works with people of all ages, races, religious beliefs, and backgrounds, so everyone is welcome.

Kourtney is a favorite of You Wealth Revolution listeners and is also Darius’ personal angel reader. Some of her clients range from best-selling authors, political diplomats, business executives, spiritual leaders, and even celebrities! Her clients love her and cherish the opportunity she provides to be in contact with their Angels.

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