In ancient times the Egyptians thought the heart was the place of residence and seat for the Human Soul. Because of this belief the heart was especially preserved and left inside of the body after death while still all other organs were removed.  The Hindus too taught and believed the soul is located in the heart that it was eternal and had its own consciousness.  Even the Aztecs said the heart is the Seat of the soul and its purpose was so significant would remove the heart of those who became sacrificial offerings to their Gods.   More importantly in those far away and ancient times the heart was seen as an intelligent link between mind and soul.

To be clearer we start with the Heart Chakra where the physical and spiritual planes meet the place that bridges and connects the lower and higher energies of our being.   Located in the center of our chest it is just below the Throat Chakra and is the space of our true selves. It is here that we are free to be unconditional, affectionate, devotional, compassionate loving and forgiving.  The gift of receiving our higher self is to master these planes so that we may activate the process of the Soul entering back into our physical body from the higher spiritual realm.

The Soul Star Chakra has also been regarded as the “Seat of the Soul” and is located outside the physical body about 6 to 12 inches above the head.

It is linked with the Soul, first by a thread of light, and later by a band of expanding rainbow fire as the fusion of personality and Soul proceeds.  The Soul Star is an instrument of the Soul and can be used to clear the obstructions to union. It is an intelligent force that is used by the Soul to transform the matter of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies into a suitable vehicle through which it can function.

To some initiatives, it appears as a radiant spark. It has been found that the Soul Star will respond and become more active when the mind is centered on it. In light workers who have just begun to turn their attention toward spiritual unfoldment, the Soul Star appears as an enlarged spark of pale light. In those who are more advanced on the path, the spark of the Soul Star becomes much larger and more radiant; when activated by use of the energy work, invocation to the Soul or meditation, the brilliant radiance of the Soul Star may extend several feet.  As a disciple the goal is the turn on the light of the Soul Star so that the Soul can move back home in the high heart.