Alyzjah Kellam of writes:

The greatest hindrance for us humans is the suppression and limitation that we the individual are creating for our self. In this article I go into depth about what actually happens to you in those times.


The 5 common things people are driven from, which hinders their flow is :
(1) Guilt
(2) Resentment/Anger
(3) Fear
(4) Materialism
(5) Need for approval

All of these factors are highly self destructive, self inflicted, negative and overall non beneficial in the moment of time we find ourselves in them. They all hold a threat toward how we mentally are perceiving ourselves. Some type of threat that is going to bring us loss in some type of way. For a man of my realization this is highly absurd and is only a means of survival as these drives are linked to a primitive aspect of our minds. Its the unconditioned programming that we live from, unless however, we make the conscious choice to no longer entertain what it is that is happening among us. So now let me proceed to taking each one of these hindrances into depth, and also keep in mind that they all might sound familiar as its the same instinctive principal they are coming from.

(1) GUILT: People often feel shame for their actions of the past and self criticize themselves for the decisions they have made in past events. This is non beneficial to them as the decisions made in the past are no longer a means of the present. Some might argue to say “then how is it that I feel so bothered by my past decision” and the answer would be that, it is because you have not accepted your decision for what it was. Guilt is where the “I wish I could go back with what I know now” comes in, its a wish that you did something else so that the outcome could’ve been different in some type of way. The reality is that the guilt should be seen as a tool for learning. You should look onto your past decisions, especially the ones you regret and say, “ok I made this decision but will not let it define who I am, it was a mistake and I am now aware of the mistake I have made, I am thankful for this mistake as it has now allowed me to learn more of who I am.” Then simply move on. When you accept your decisions they no longer inhibit you but rather they allow you to grow. Without us making mistakes we could never accumulate more understanding and knowledge about ourselves. Mistakes allow us to grow as a human being and that is great.

(2)RESENTMENT: Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that it just seems that we absolutely dislike. This is completely understandable, we all find times where this occurs, but there is a tool for growth lying right among that resentment. Often times we resent things that we know nothing of and we completely cut ourselves from those situations, we become isolated thinking about how uncomfortable that we are in these times, of those situations. But if we open ourselves up to these situations we will grow. We will discover more about ourselves in times we are most resentful than the times that we are not. We will discover why it is we resented the situation from the beginning when we open up to it, or we will even find out the situation has come to something that we actually like. Both are a possibility in the time of resentment, because resentment just closes you down, makes you completely close minded to your own perception of a situation so if you open yourselves up you will be able to enter a different perspective of the situation.

(3) ANGER: Anger is a powerful energy that drives us in a uncontrollable way. Anger will make you unconscious in the times that you become fully indulged into it, and only allow you to see your anger after you have became angry. Some of us hold onto times that have hurt us. We hold onto a painful past that we were most angry about and that anger determines our actions for our future moves.

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