15 Signs That You Unknowingly Posess Healing Abilities

Here is a great article I wanted to share with you from ExpandedConsciousness.com:

Figuring out if you’re a healer or a shaman can be incredibly easy, or incredibly hard, depending on your life thus far.

The biggest part of figuring it out is learning to recognize the symbolism in your life. There are blatantly obvious signs, as well as subtle signs that fill your world. You just have to know what you’re looking for!

Here are 15 signs that indicate you have healing abilities:

1. You’ve always been naturally empathetic, able to literally feel the emotions of those around you
2. People always tell you how relaxed they feel in your presence
3. You’re incredibly aware, often becoming nervous or anxious when in public spaces
4. You tend to be anxious or experience panic attacks from time to time
5. You have a natural inclination towards energy crystals and their healing capabilities
6. You often struggle to tell people “no,” which usually has you feeling exhausted from trying to make everyone happy
7. Medical professionals have diagnosed you with some kind of mood disorder
8. Complete strangers often spill their guts to you, wanting you to know their entire life story
9. You love nature, and are most at peace when outside. You find relaxation in natural environments and fresh air to be soothing
10. You always want to make sure that others feel comfortable and welcome in your home
11. Animals and children feel comfortable around you
12. You can literally feel the energies that occupy certain spaces
13. You always try to help people, even when it does not benefit you in any way
14. You tend to prefer natural medicines over pharmaceuticals whenever you have the option
15. You’re always prepared to lend a shoulder to cry on when others are going through hard times

Do any of these sound like you? If so, there’s a good chance that you are healer in life, and will continue to be a positive influence for everyone lucky enough to call you their friend. Having the gift of healing is a great gift to possess. Use it to guide your life and help nurture the lives of others whenever you can!

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