Know that the moment you are out of alignment you become open to lower frequencies. It’s a daily task to clear and align with the Universal energetic. An important component of the Psychic Shield is the alignment. Understand that when you’ve thought forms are hate, unforgiveness, grief, lack, fear, sickness etc. You are vibrating at a lower frequency. This lower frequency attracts lower dimensional beings. Know absolutely that the Universe will reverberate your vibrations back to you. Therefore you will bring in all of the destructive energies, beings associated with your thoughts, emotions.

With that said Clearing and Shielding requires clean up because humanity can be a tough place and while you are training to hold the Love frequency you will remove the lower frequencies and the inhabitants that it brings (Negative entities, Demons, Chords etc.) Holding the Love frequency is the 24/7 proper energetic to stay high vibratory, spiritually powerful and in alignment.

The Divine Shield is a shield that is of the highest order and will clear all negative entities, energies etc. from you. This will give you time to get back into the Love frequency and hold your divine alignment.

The Divine Shield was taught to me the hard way as my other shields were not working and I was under the greatest attack. The massive level of Demonic activity during this attack would make any Hollywood movie look uneventful. (Clear) I want viewers to know I have been to as they say in the “Pits of Hell” and very skilled spiritual combatant. This shield is battle tested.

I understand the state of mind and the energetics of a person under massive attack that is the purpose of this technology…to assist in getting you back on your feet to then get back into your divine alignment. The Divine Shield elevates you and any affected party to the 11 dimension. Your energetic are greatly increased in the 11th.

Once in the 11 dimension, we call in your guides and Archangel Michel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Gabriel to assist in the entity removal.

Collectively we move through every cell, organ, and structure of your physical body and will remove any attachment, negative energy, chords, particles that are not beneficial and or of an original design. Remove this from all timelines past present and future in all dimensions, frequencies. Remove this from all persons, family, and friends that listen to this audio.

Take the negative entities and or energetic to the Central Sun and dispose of them where they can not affect humanity ever again.

While in the 11th with your team clear and upgrade the Auric field, Clear and upgrade the environment where you live.

Place the viewers into the Divine Shield and only allow energies that are approved by the highest self to pass through this shield. (Divine Shield is a four layers blue circular shield consisting of 11th dimensional energetic that is impenetrable)

Always place yourself, friends and family into this shield.

The audio is a 12-dimensional frequency atonement of clearance and protection the most powerful audio to date you will feel it.

Enjoy and know you are divine and powerful fear nothing and reclaim the kingdom here on Earth. Create your personal majesty with no limitations. Focus on love, health, prosperity and unlimited creations.

As you deploy this technology you will destroy the Demons in your life and start living abundantly, properly in your divine path.

The sword in the video is the sword of truth the one I have in my Auric field. My signature is on this sword and the Demons know me and the devastation I deliver upon them perpetually.

Enjoy your new life free of bondage. \\||//