It’s the end of October and we are moving into some interesting times. The veils between the worlds are said to be thinnest now and, while I feel this is true, it’s also true that a window into your soul is wide open for you to view. The grids that we live upon are dissolving for a newer, solid foundation.  Severed meridians are repairing, new ones are forming, and as a species we are evolving. For some it is like finding a clogged pathway that, once the density is released, repairs and flows to our intelligent, self-sustaining self.

Why is this and why does it seem to be so overwhelming?  In my personal sessions recently, the US election is showing fractured aspects of ourselves sometimes from hurt or dissociation from a long time ago. Sometimes it barely registered to us but the fester of it demands we allow the empowerment of our being to shine through the suppressed wounds.

There is a general emptying out as a nine-year cycle completes collectively.  The places we held within us for wounds we identified with are intolerable to hold and impossible to deny. They just insist on releasing and taking with them lifetimes of patterned pain and limitation. You are becoming whole and the way forward is letting go. You will know what is leaving by what is no longer tolerable or comfortable. If you are not quite feeling anything here, then let the time honored ‘closet cleaning’ begin. Give yourself the gift of a clear slate for 2017.

You might be tempted to hang on to a few things grown on the grids of who you used to be, are they still resonant? If not, let them go. It is an invitation for continued pain to hold on to old identities leaving. That is okay too, you have a right to the choice. Just be clear: it is your choice.

Maybe this sounds heavy but it’s beautiful. Yes, I said it, it’s beautiful. The uncontrollable, even the chaotic, scary emotions give way to the sound of your newborn empowerment. The new voice within, the new purpose felt, the new identity accepted. You may not have a clue who you are or who you will be, and if you did would you accept it? Allow that you are an empowered being made from light and love and endeavor to accept your entire journey through the density of shame and confusion. After all, we are all light accepting the journey of our homecoming and ascension.

There is a deep part of ourselves that knows this, and this becomes our dominant identity. You could call it the new human evolution, the Magnetic Lotus within.  The new earth is here, the grids are being identified and grown and it’s time for the evolution of your body, mind and spirit.

Who you are is amazing, confident and essential to the new foundation of humanity. All energies are aligned to our transformation, even the Dolphin spirits are balancing the bliss with letting go and helping us see what is clogging our truth, where we are broken. It’s like they are pointing out that old baggage just will not fit in the coming year.  And, we can repair quickly with a few tools. Acceptance, allow yourself to know, allow yourself to play with the innocent inner child. Whatever she or he requires, give it. This is so profound right now. This giving to the inner child assists us to increase the dynamic flow of life force and source intelligence within our body. We are now actually holding the keys to our sovereign truth and growth, and we are beautiful.

With Gratitude,

Sherry Phillips Swatek