How to Keep Unshakable Trust in The Universe

I think it is quite safe to assume that we’ve all wanted something so badly that we took such great care to make sure every little detail was taken care of to ensure we had the greatest chances of having that certain something happen or appear in our lives.

We might do a ton of research and get all our ducks in a row to prepare. We do the work and we put our heart and sweat into it thinking how awesome it’s going to be to reach our goal. But what happens if we don’t? Or that which we’ve put so much into and worked so hard for just simply does not manifest into our lives?

For some reason, most of us tend to immediately go to self-blame, wondering if we missed something or did something wrong. Perhaps we go onto to tell ourselves the story that “we didn’t work hard enough” or that “we really don’t deserve it” and that’s why it never showed up.

I used to be one of those types of people. When I truly care about something, I put my heart and soul into it and in the past when things didn’t work out the way I had envisioned in my head, I was often overcome with disappointment and would immediately blame myself. I should’ve tried harder…I should’ve given more of my time and attention. And the worst and most common story I continually told myself was that I simply didn’t deserve it. This story, I later found out, stems from a core belief that I wasn’t good enough and the second I changed that belief, my entire outlook on life changed as well.

What I’ve come to realize about people and most importantly about myself is that the more we are able to see ourselves through eyes of love, the more we are able to live our lives peacefully, without fear and with full trust that the Universe has got your back. And when we are capable of doing that, we are also more easily able to see that when things don’t work out the way we planned, it’s not that we don’t deserve the things we want.

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