Susan L. Magine of Awakening People writes:

Everything in reality is made of energy. But for most of us this can be a hard concept to comprehend because we are conditioned to perceiving the world as very real and solid. As children we are taught, for example, that a table is a table, and a plate is a plate, and that these two things exist separately from each other when, in fact, they do not. ​​ We can understand the concept of energy as the one and only component of reality, but it is hard to grasp it without the experience of it. For most of us, it is just one more thing that we file in the back of our minds and forget. But you can experience life in this way. It’s actually very easy to see energy, and it only takes a minute.

How To See Energy
Here is a simple exercise you can try that will prove to you that things are not as solid as they seem:  Find a quiet, darkened space where you will not be disturbed, preferably one where there is a blank wall.

  1. Close your eyes and relax. Get yourself to a calm state of being.
  2. Keeping your eyes closed, picture in your mind that there is a very bright, white sun right in front of you.
  3. Breathe in deeply as you picture yourself inhaling the white light of the sun. Imagine that every time you inhale, you are pulling the light into your body. Imagine that with each breath your body becomes whiter and brighter, just like the sun. Do this for 3 or 4 breath cycles.
  4. Take a few more breaths as you picture the room you are in also filling with bright, white light.
  5. Open your eyes and look to the blank wall or darkened space before you.

You should be able to see what looks like static electricity that covers everything. You may see tiny, shimmering particles of light, or perhaps you might notice what looks like a smudgy film that seems to be covering everything. It can be likened to viewing a television channel that is turned on…

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About the Author

Susan L. Magine, B.A., KYI/RYT, QHHT, is a freelance writer and intuitive healer who specializes in helping others heal  through awareness and conscious energy movement. She holds a B.A. in Communications from Loyola University, Chicago. She is a registered yoga instructor (RYT) as a  Kundalini Yoga Certified (KYI), a Children’s Yoga (Light Leaders Certified), and Yin Yoga (Asheville Yoga Center) instructor. She is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis certified practitioner (QHHT, trained by Dolores Cannon), and a certified Hands-on-Healing practitioner (HOHP) and Reiki practitioner.

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