How the Law of Attraction Changed My Life shares:

“How the Law of Attraction Changed My Life” was originally published at Raise Your Vibration Today.

I don’t know about you, but the Law of Attraction changed my life in a dramatic way, and definitely for the better.

Sure, I’ve used it to attract “things” like cars, and money and a business, but the change has been much more profound, and valuable, than any individual item or circumstance I could possibly manifest.

Like many people I’ve talked with, when I first learned about the Law of Attraction, it was as if I had been struck by lightening.  A sudden, drastic change in my perception occurred, and I quickly jumped from being mostly anxious, angry and pessimistic to becoming someone who was suddenly reaching for positive thoughts on purpose.

Although this transformation began quickly, it still continues today.

I’ve come to find that the metamorphosis to becoming a “positive person,” doesn’t occur overnight, but rather it is a process that unfolds in every waking moment.  As time goes on, we simply peel back layer upon layer of limitations and negative beliefs, getting closer and closer to true harmony…but it is an infinite journey that never ends.

The closer you get, the more you learn. It gets better and better, but it never ends. We’re always in the process of becoming what we are to become.

Now, however, I am at a point in my life where I can reflect on the distance I’ve traveled since that moment years ago when I first heard of the Law of Attraction. I’ve peeled back a lot of layers since those days, and lately, I’m finding that my life has truly evolved into something much more special than I ever could have imagined back then.

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