3 Actions One Can Take to Exit the System, Truly Create a Better Future

The Mind Unleashed.com shares:

Sometimes these days, it seems a feeling of hopelessness has settled on activists, people who care about the future.

From the hopelessness that can arise from watching so called left and right wing people battle on college campuses instead of directing their righteous indignation at those responsible, to the lack of interest a writer notices when the most important articles get the least views and meaningless, click-baity ones get the most, many activists long for the feeling of truly knowing they have done something to make a better future.

To fulfill this deep desire to actually affect our future and do something meaningful, this article will explore 3 tangible ideas a person can act on to know they did something to try and make a future for them and their children.

1. Growing food, raising cattle: eating only what you created or a fellow person created

To reacquire our human ability to produce food, and to unplug from the grocery store paradigm and monetary system, what is more powerful than producing one’s own food?

Realistically a person could turn every inch of arable land in their backyard into a garden, and after a hard season’s harvest, have enough food to sustain themselves on nothing but their own creation for a week, or a few weeks, less if they are feeding a family.

Protein filled, high yield necessity crops could be grown, such as:

– beans

– organic corn

– lentils

– potatoes

– rice

– squash

One could easily research what crops to grow and how to grow them. This article is a great starting point.

Ideally, people dedicated to sustaining themselves outside the system could save up enough money for a cheap plot of land, by pinching pennies. Then, one could produce possibly enough per season to sustain themselves for a few months.

Although it would take total dedication and extreme discipline, one could buy land and eventually produce enough food to only eat what they grew year-round.

Of course, one could also raise chickens and cows, and produce eggs, milk, chicken and beef. All a person has to do is use their mind, research, save their money, and be disciplined and patient.

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Source: http://themindunleashed.com/2017/04/3-actions-one-can-take-exit-system-truly-create-better-future.html