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The vibrational qualities of plants can assist in balancing, relaxing, and energizing your aura and chakras. Each member of the plant kingdom has a unique gift to offer and can support you on your journey of manifesting your highest path on earth. Allowing herbal energies to assist your personal growth can help you connect to the beauty of nature within and around you. Drinking herbal teas and elixirs, using herbal-based body care products, and acknowledging the plants growing around you as you move through the day are some simple ways of including gifts from the plant kingdom in your life. As you explore your personal connection to all creation, you enhance your ability to live comfortably and safely in a physical body on earth. In this article, I will share common herbs associated with the main seven chakras and a few combinations that can assist in recovering your divine child within.

Your chakras are like filters that bridge between your physical body and the world around you. They allow energy from the universe in and your energy out through your subtle energy field. We pick up beliefs from our family and social groups that can get stored in our chakras. Other people’s thoughts, feelings, and projections can get in the way of our own truth shining through. The information in your chakras helps you learn and grow. Working with your aura and chakras is a form of preventative medicine. A conscious connection to your energy field allows you to amplify life-affirming thoughts and feelings as well as clearing negative ones from affecting your health. Each chakra has different experiences to offer us.

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine and deals with issues about surviving on the planet in a physical body. One of the most important lessons to learn while being in a physical body is how to remain consciously connected to our soul and spiritual selves while taking care of our body. For some of us it is hard to stay anchored or grounded. Part of the Divine plan of us living harmoniously on earth is that many of our medicines are growing naturally around us or are easy to grow in our own backyards. Dandelion root is an abundant herb that can help us to be more consciously connected to our bodies so that we can align with synchronicity and manifest our soul purpose. Especially during these times of economic change when it could be easy to get caught in the chaos of the external world, dandelion root helps to ease frustrations and stay focused on our path.

The second chakra relates to issues of empathy, creativity and sensual expression. It is located below the navel in the abdominal area between the ovaries for women and near the prostate gland for men. Calendula is an easy to grow herb that reaches out with its bright orange flowers bringing joy an upliftment. You may notice an enhancement of creativity in all areas of your life by drinking calendula tea. One of the benefits of balancing the second chakra is that a greater sense of intimacy and companionship can develop with your partner. It also helps to create healthy boundaries so that you are not empathing other peoples feelings to a point of hurting or confusing yourself and your choices. Lighten up and remember that the game of life can be Fun.

Marshmallow relaxes the third chakra and softens our personal efforts to control life. When you feel a sense of urgency or attachment to the outcome of a situation or plan, a tea or a few tincture drops in water of Marshmallow root can allow you to surrender to the flow of the present moment. It helps you to relax your diaphragm and reconnect to your breath, which can align your actions with divine order. The third chakra is also known as your solar plexus and is the seat for personal power and positive self control. When there is a situation that contributes to a feeling of powerlessness you may often feel tension or a “knot in your stomach”. People who live year after year letting someone or something outside of themselves be in charge of their life may develop ulcers in the physical body. Many diseases have their origins in unprocessed emotional issues that repress life flow energy and interfere with cellular transformation.

Unconditional love for yourself and others can be enhanced when taking Hawthorne berries. A tea or tincture of the berries increases trust in the process of life and encourages you to feel safe following your heart. The fourth chakra is located in your heart center and is the place for integration of upper and lower chakra energies. As you open your heart chakra cosmic energies from above and earthly energies from below flow into your heart and out your arms to facilitate loving service. Balance in giving and receiving is a gift of an open heart chakra. Even an herb bundle made with Hawthorn berries when worn over the heart region, helps you to focus on the soul qualities in relationships rather than personality differences. Surrender to the power of self-love and feel your life evolving.

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Dr. Linda Kingsbury blends her natural psychic sensitivities with herbal wisdom to create herbal products to support journeys of personal empowerment and spiritual balance. You can visit her website at www.spiritherbs.com to learn more.