Count Me In For the Ride

Sometimes like the movie character Cypher did in The Matrix, I wish I would have just taken the blue pill. Simply put this awakening and doing energy work is not for the meek especially when it results in finding our deepest dark repressed self.  But if you want to expand into all you can be grab onto your hat and get ready for the ride of your entire multi-dimensional existence. Free will is your ticket to ride, it’s totally up to you making the choice to go either way awaken to a new path or stay sleep in the familiar. One thing for sure, once opened continuing to live life on a mundane level just cannot compare to astral and interdimensional travels, past life regressions, experiencing a kundalini rising, or receiving one’s light body.

When The Going Gets Tough

As we become more versed and knowledgeable during the process of awakening we seek to start clearing and releasing the things that are no longer serving us on this path.  It could be things as simple as discovering the root of false programming and conditioning we learned in our childhood or as deep as visiting one of our past lifetimes to reclaim a part of our fragmented self which was wounded and lost back then.  We begin to realize that as the Universe gets our attention through our repeating circumstances that something inevitably must change in order for us to move forward.  And with each step taken we also understand just how important removing the cause of those blockages can be.

Assessing and Discerning

Because we are energy beings living in close proximity with others, sometimes it is difficult to see what is really ours versus the emotions and things that belong to other people. Usually if it is ours it will resonate on some level and feel familiar.   It is intention; practice and awareness that will help us assess and discern our baggage.  Taking stock daily by checking into our feelings are some of the ways to learn more of what is truly yours.  It is also about diligence learning to be more mindful asking questions how does the issue make you feel?  And will the way you feel benefit you in the long run?  These are the things that help you avoid reactions and setbacks to owning what is yours so that you can grow into your true authentic self- ready to experience and create a beautiful world.


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