Marcus T. Anthony of Conscious Life News writes: 

The universe tends to reflect back to us the contents of our own minds. I call this the general principle of attraction. I don’t like to use the term “law of attraction” (even though I used it in the book title, below), simply because the latter term tends to be used to suggest that we have ultimate control over life and cosmos. Even if I believed this to be true, I couldn’t honestly help you put that into practice, as I have never experienced life in that fashion. As I often joke, if I could control life, the universe and everything I’d be a very dangerous man indeed. So just as well I can’t.

The general principle of attraction states that we can often influence the way life unfolds through being attentive of our attitudes and intentions. But I do not believe that we human beings always have the final say in how things pan out. There are just too many forces beyond our immediate control. This is why I suggest that the most important aspect of “manifestation” is that you first develop the right relationship with the mind and with life.

The right relationship with life is being able to observe what unfolds in your present experience with mindful attention, and without allowing judgment to colour your experience of it.

Now, unless you are from some other dimension of existence you will know full well that it is not possible to experience most things without judgment. Judgment is just what the mind does. It is, I believe, a human evolutionary cognitive process with a function to keep us alive. So right-mindfulness is not about eliminating judgments, but being able to observe judgments as they arise from the mind without believing in them or becoming identified with them.

If you have practiced the law of attraction you will know that visualisation and affirmation are typically encouraged as a means to “manifest” desired outcomes. We are told to imagine, say and feel things as if they are already present in our lives. I agree this process is very worthwhile. It is the ideal way to resonate a desired outcome within our consciousness field.

For example, if you wish to raise your income from one thousand dollars a month to two thousand dollars a month, you might sit quietly and imagine that two thousand dollars being deposited into your bank account at the end of the month, every month. You might visualise yourself a the ATM machine seeing the desired monetary figure on the machine, or even withdrawing all of it from the teller inside the bank. Better still imagine yourself working effectively, satisfying clients or your employer, even as they hand you the cash. You would then feel what it feels like to have that money every month. Along with the visualisation you might repeat an affirmation such as, “I happily receive at least two thousand dollars a month from my work. The universe is abundant, and all my financial needs are met.”

This is all very well. But there is a catch. Whenever we set out to achieve any particular goal it will automatically trigger our resisting belief structures. These will rise from your psyche like so many ghosts from the crypt. Limiting beliefs and narratives are the shadowy vestiges of past pain and failures. Alternatively, they may be implanted within your psyche by your culture or your ancestral lines.

One way to approach these energy structures is to simply ignore them. But this is often unwise. You may well be able to carry on and achieve your goal, despite your “issues.” If this works, then all good. No need to go on to step two.

However, often the issues develop into “blocks.” These energy structures within your consciousness field tend to effect the way you behave, the kind of actions you take (or don’t take), as well as influencing the metaphysical energy structures around you. For example, if you believe that the universe is a shitty place that trips you up when everything is looking good, making all things end in disappointment, you are not likely to take empowered action towards your goal. And your mind will tend to get drawn into even the smallest and most irrelevant peripheral events which affirm your inner beliefs, then turn them into self-sabotaging dramas.

Your mind will tend to recreate whatever narrative you believe in.

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