Boost Your 2nd Chakra Sensuality With Two Easy Yoga Poses

In last week’s post, we got grounded and stable with a simple root chakra pose. This week, we’re focusing on the sensual second (or sacral) chakra. I must admit I have a soft spot for the sacral chakra. It’s the home of the Divine Feminine, and it represents the goddess energy that is badly needed on this planet. Doing second chakra poses boosts your fertility, creativity and sensuality.

The color of this is orange and it governs the pelvis. Energetically, it’s the opposite of the first chakra. Whereas the root chakra is stable, strong and solid as a rock, the sacral chakra is soft, yielding and as mutable as the seasons. Its element is water, so it’s super flexible. The rock may be stronger, but water is actually more powerful. Think about it. Water can move around a rock, and if it drips consistently enough, it can even make a hole in a rock.

The official Sanskrit name of the second chakra is “Svaddisthana” which means “one’s own place.” It is intimate, personal, and very feminine. It relates to your sensuality, fertility and emotional life.

The way we access this chakra in hatha yoga is by doing a Universal Principle of Alignment called Inner Spiral. If you have never been introduced to it, inner spiral may seem a bit foreign at first. But it’s actually very simple. In the video above, I share a simple hip pose called “cat-cow.” It’s a pose on all fours where you tilt your pelvis upward and downward cyclically, allowing your spine to follow.

This means, first you make an arched back shape like an angry cat, and then you make a convex back shape like an old cow (or donkey). The inner spiral movement is done during the “cow” (convex back) part of the pose.

To do inner spiral on all fours, simply rotate the very tops of your things inward and then push the tops of your thighs back and apart as much as possibly. At first this may seem almost impossible as our daily chair sitting is the opposite of inner spiral and can tend to weaken the muscles that do it.

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