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Intentions are a funny thing. Sometimes they make you feel empowered, connected and supported by a loving force larger than yourself. Other times – when they don’t work – they can leave you feeling disconnected, disappointed and alone.

Add to that the stress and doubt that accompanies financial difficulties and the idea of using intentions to attract money can quickly have you uttering curse words instead.

So here’s the trick to using intentions to attract money now… pronto… in record time:

Use Intentions as Your Bridge to What You Want

Many people ask me to explain the difference between intentions and affirmations. And frankly, a lot of people have conflicting ideas about what an intention is versus an affirmation. The way I like to look at it is two-fold:

Intentions are your declaration to the Universe for what you want. Affirmations are your declaration to yourself that you’re worth it.

28 Intentions to Attract Money Now

That’s why some people really struggle with affirmations (or intentions when they’re worded like affirmations).

When you’re in the thick of a financial meltdown (or any other kind of meltdown) it’s just not going to feel authentic to say out loud repeatedly “I am wealthy” or “I am overflowing with abundance.” If it doesn’t feel real, it won’t manifest.

So use your intentions as a bridge into what’s possible. Declare your intention as a prayer for support or a bid for power. There are wonderful, loving forces of high consciousness all around you that will assist you in manifesting your desire. Your intention is your request for their help.

How to Shape Your Intentions to Attract Money Now

1. Use words that really light you up and get you excited.

    Use one or two descriptors or verbs that feels really yummy to say out loud. For example, I love the words delicious, exquisite and magical so I tend to add one of those into certain intentions.

2. Find what feels real and true right now.

    If owning a state of being feels too inauthentic, state it as a request. Instead of “I am” or “I have” say “May I be” or “May I have”

To get you started, here are 28 of our favorite intentions to help you attract money now, even when you’re not quite feeling it!

We’ve included intentions that embrace what you wish to attract as being true RIGHT NOW, and we’ve also included intentions that bridge you to what you want so that they can carry you into a higher state of receiving.

28 Kick Ass Intentions to Help You Attract Money NOW

    1. May I accept that I have permission to be prosperous.28 Intentions to Attract Money Now
    2. May I know that I am a rich child of a loving universe.28 Intentions to Attract Money Now
    3. I deserve delicious prosperity and I accept it now.28 Intentions to Attract Money Now
    4. Wealth flows to me from all directions28 Intentions to Attract Money Now
    5. I live each day appreciating value.28 Intentions to Attract Money Now
    6. I lovingly command an increase in love, happiness, wealth and success to enter into my life.28 Intentions to Attract Money Now
    7. I live confidently knowing I am worthy of prosperity.28 Intentions to Attract Money Now
    8. My possibilities are endless.28 Intentions to Attract Money Now
    9. I naturally attract good fortune.28 Intentions to Attract Money Now
    10. I am in a state of fulfillment, have abundance in my life and am free to do what I wish to do.28 Intentions to Attract Money Now
    11. I am allowed to be wealthy.28 Intentions to Attract Money Now

These are For You to Make Your Own Intention Visuals!

Here are the rest of our favorite intention statements for prosperity and attracting money. Go ahead and create some of your own visuals! You build power when you bring creative energy to your intention. Our favorite awesome free tool for making gorgeous images is Canva.

  1. May I release all resistance to wealth and allow it to flow freely in my life.
  2. I love abundance and prosperity and attract it naturally.
  3. May abundance flow easily and freely to me.
  4. May money flow to me easily, frequently and abundantly.
  5. I can afford anything I want in life.
  6. Money is energy. I love the energy of money and attract it effortlessly and joyously.
  7. I am aligned with the energies of wealth and abundance.
  8. May I become a magnet for money.
  9. I am ready to prosper beyond my wildest dreams.
  10. May I feel exquisitely rich.
  11. May I see abundance everywhere.
  12. I have the power to attract money.
  13. May I receive money happily now.

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