A co-dependent relationship may be defined as a relationship between two people where both parties are emotionally corded and influenced immensely by the other partner. Sometimes It is not so obvious to either party that they’re in this type of relationship. If you suspect that you are in a co-dependent relationship, here are 5 signs that can clear that doubt.

1. Your mood is significantly influenced by the other party, this can be extremely draining. If they have a good day, all is good in your world, if they are having a bad day, you will have a terrible day as well.

2. You cannot make a move without consulting the other person for fear of their reaction. You are afraid to rock the boat. When this happens, there is a sense of being confined and weighed down as if you do not have the freedom to make your own choices in life.

3. You have anxiety and are always wondering if this relationship will last. There is a huge sense of insecurity and feeling as if you wouldn’t be able to survive without this person in your life.

4. Trying to control the outcome of different situations by creating drama and overpowering the other party mentally and emotionally with guilt, shame and or pity.

5. You are unable to establish healthy boundaries and feel an obligation to say no for fear of their reaction. Sometimes you say yes just to keep the peace.