In the spirit of avoiding redundancy, I will not say what has been said time and time again. We all know that the key to happiness is gratitude.

Though it is said by healers and family alike, how many of us have truly experienced the power of gratitude; the power of feeling truly blessed in all the abundance that is already within?

I’d like to share with you two ways to amplify your gratitude practice and to hopefully help you witness the tangible nature of it.

First, let’s talk about what gratitude is.

  1. The sensation of feeling deeply settled in your life and reality.
  2. A ceasing of grasping for the happiness you are right now capable of.
  3. Feeling blessed by the presence of loved ones, pets, plants, or partners.

Gratitude occurs deep within the heart. It lifts the spirits and brings a smile to your lips. It gives a glow to otherwise ordinary events and experiences. 

True gratitude alters your reality, heightens your powers of manifestation and imbues your actions with the intention of love and acceptance. 

Are you ready to create a magical life through gratitude? Try these simple steps:

  1. When creating a gratitude list, remember to add why you are grateful for those things. What is it about them that makes you feel full and joyful? How can you recreate that essence in other things you do and ways you interact with your life?

In the book, Gratitude Works! A 21-Day Program for Creating Emotional Prosperity, Robert Emmons writes about a study done by the University of California around gratitude. For ten weeks, they studied subjects who had the daily practice of writing one thing they were grateful for and 5 reasons why, and compared them other participants who were vague in their gratitudes. The subjects who wrote one gratitude and 5 reasons why they were grateful were found to have significantly more energy, focus and feelings of joy than the subjects who did not.

Yes, that’s right! You don’t have to write a million things you are grateful for to get results, you just have to write one and the reasons why! Here is an example of what not to do:

I am grateful for my dog Astro

I am grateful for my husband

I am grateful for my cat

I am grateful for my job

Instead, try this:

I am grateful for my dog, Astro, because

  • When I am sad he knows to cheer me up by putting his head on my lap
  • I love our walks together. He’s slowed down in these last few years but that helps me slow down as well and enjoy stillness and scenery.
  • His weird little quirk of pacing somehow reminds me to relax.
  • He is always happy and the older he gets, the more snuggly he gets.  I love snuggling with him.
  • Astro is one of the best teachers of unconditional love.
  1. Practice gratitude for and with others.

There are times when I work with people and I receive the message that they need to shift their focus from themselves to the outer world.

One way to shift your gratitude powers to magical powers is by using your feelings of gratitude for the good of another.

The other day, my dear friend was sharing her journey towards love with me.  The arduousness of preparing to be ready for love had strengthened her heart for the next phase of her life.  As we spoke, we recognized that she had arrived at the moment where she was truly primed to give and receive love from another. 

We decided to use this auspicious moment to share what in her journey we were grateful for and why we were grateful for it, we also shared how grateful we were for all the things coming her way and why we were grateful for those things.  

We both felt so lovely afterwards! It felt yummy to be grateful for her blessings past, present, and future.

So, consider this, whenever someone shares their woes or desires with you, use your own powers of gratitude to help them magnetize that wish toward them. Double the magic and help their dreams come true. From that juicy feeling is where all things become possible.

Great power emerges from being grateful and generous. Share your joy, and it’ll return tenfold.

About The Author:

Janice B Noehulani, Internationally Recognized Shamanic Love Coach, Psychic, Author of Magnetizing Love- The Step- By – Step Guide To Manifest The Love Of Your Life

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