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Are you experiencing stress? Wonderful! How so? Because we experience stress when our life feels meaningful to us. If we did not care, we wouldn’t be stressing.

Just a couple of years ago researchers at Florida State University and Stanford found that people who had experienced the highest number of life events that felt stressful were more likely to consider their lives meaningful. It makes sense, when you think about it – when we don’t care much about anything, things won’t really bother us. But what’s more, when we DO care about things and experience stress, we are also more likely to laugh and smile each day and feel like we learn something interesting from the speed bumps we run into, according to the Gallup World Poll. In other words, a stress free life does not make people as happy as they would hope it does, and – a lack of meaningful stress may even affect your health negatively.

Anyone still dreaming of a completely stress free life?

Consider this: A study that followed nine thousand people in the UK for ten year shows us that those who reported highly meaningful lives had a 30% reduction in mortality. Studies have also taught us that a dramatic decrease in busyness does not make people as happy as they predicted they would be (which can explain the 40% increased chance of depression after retirement) and middle-aged men who reported higher levels of boredom are more than twice as likely to die of a heart attack over the next twenty years. We also see that people who report a sense of Purpose live longer.

Clearly, this doesn’t mean that you should pile on the stress to get happier, but there’s always that beautiful balance to work towards, where you feel like things matter, yet you take care of yourself and incorporate zone-out/do nothing-time in your life.

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About the Author

Gabriella Bring has had a life long passion for tapping into the full potential of well being. She works with Women in Overwhelm who are experiencing high stress levels and are ready to make a change. Her holistic approach recognizes that there is no blanket method that fits everyone, and she incorporates many diverse tools such as NLP, Mindfulness and HSP support. Gabriella puts great emphasis on honoring the power of mind-body awareness, and she recognizes the importance of aiding in the unleashing of creativity.

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