Is World Peace Possible? I’ll start by sharing that I believe WE must be the ‘glitch’ in the matrix.

The ‘New Earth’ will not come from violence, force or anger. Nor will hatred, fear and separation help us exit the current matrix. In our hearts we must connect to love and the honor of all life. The more we love and show acts of love to others the sooner we can bring in a new matrix of love on the planet.

A ‘glitch’ is defined as ‘A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem’. The current paradigm is fear, anger and hatred. As we stay in love we become a ‘glitch’. In astronomy a glitch is defined as a ‘A sudden change in the period of rotation of a neutron star’. It can literally change the rotation of celestial bodies. When a ‘glitch’ occurs the current program ceases to run and we are FREE.

You see, I believe love is the ‘glitch’ the current matrix: The collective love we all feel in our hearts and the actions we take are the ‘glitch’ that will shift the planet into its next level of light and love.

When events like this occur it easy to become fearful, angry, and filled with sadness. I traveled this path all day Saturday. Its part of ‘choosing’ this 3rd dimensional reality. When the time is right for you, the choice will be to shift this into love. Solidarity for Paris and those around the world affected by violence is the first step.

Many people are judging those who choose to show solidarity for Paris. Citing that people in so many other countries are also killed yet no one reacts. I agree that all life is sacred and that no region, group or countries’ lives are more valuable than another. Perhaps this event will be a catalyst as humanity ‘wakes up’ to a deeper understanding that this must end in all regions.

The way out must come from LIGHT.

matrix-lightThat means introspection, openness and accountability. Bring to light the truth of all events that governments have been involved in. Where were these terror groups first created? Who is funding them? Where are the money for the weapons coming from?

We can’t always assume that being ‘conscious’ means doing nothing but meditating. I believe a higher council of ‘peace loving’ conscious elders needs to be established. There needs to be a mechanism to bring people, governments, banks, funding sources, etc into justice if they support, fund or back things like this.

Taking action also does not mean war. Bombing innocent civilians to eradicate a few will only sow more pain and anger that will manifest for future generations to reap. We can ‘defeat’ darkness by bring in more light. Just as I can turn a dark room into a light room by opening a window, light brings infinite possibilities in a seemly ‘closed’ program.

Truth and accountability via an impartial 3rd party tribunal that is above the corruption of all governments, banks, and leaders (an ‘Earth Council’) would be a start. The solutions will be apparent once ‘light’ is brought in and truth is held as the highest virtue. Until that day comes ‘darkness’ will only cause irrational actions.

My heartfelt hope is that this tragedy (and the pain of all people on this planet), causes us all to stir in our hearts a desire to be the ‘glitch’ in the matrix and choose to stand in love and bring in the ‘light’.

Much Love and Light,