Do you know somebody–maybe it is even you–who always says “I want this, but…?” They start telling you about the fantastic business that they would like to create, the wonderful places they intend to visit, or the cute co-worker they wish to ask out. However, as soon as they mentioned what they want they talk themselves out of it with a big fat BUT. “BUT I don’t have the money, BUT this would never work for me, but I am not the right person, BUT…”

Whenever you start talking about something that you want you begin to move towards the fulfillment of your desire. Your focus determines your emotional state of being, the thoughts you think, the ideas that you receive, and the decisions you are going to make. Furthermore, your focus determines what results you will eventually experience. When Earl Nightingale said “as you move towards your goal, your goal moves towards you,” this phenomenon is what he meant. As you introduce doubts, or reasons why you cannot have what you want, you also introduce movement. Only in these instances, you move into the opposite direction.

For example, you may think about this car that you would really like to drive. You want to experience the engine, the sound it makes as you speed up, and the feeling of being pushed into your seat. Thinking along these lines, you start a pattern, a movement, a flow of energy within you that moves you towards the experience of driving this car. You focus on what I call the presence of what you want. At this moment, there is no resistance active within you, you move towards what you want and it is on its way to you. You attract what you want because law of attraction responds to this positive signal you are offering in that moment. You have probably heard this story.

However, people are trained to snap out of this positive focus into reality. Their fear of failure, of never having this experience, and the fear of being disappointed make them give up on their dreams. “Don’t be foolish,” they tell themselves. “But where will the money come from,” “how am I going to pay for it,” “where would I get a parking spot.” These thoughts resist the flow of the energy, the fulfillment of the desire. They are the reason you feel stuck sometimes because you move back and forth: in the direction of your desire and then away from it.

You will notice that war within. There is the Old You, the worrying, fearful you that wants to talk you out of your dreams out of fear of failure and fear of rejection. However, now there is also a New You, that was there all along but you have carefully avoided this part of  you, and this new you wants you to experience all your dreams, all your desires. As soon as you realize that the old you holds you back, you want it to shut up.

What you want to understand is that your mind can only activate thoughts, it cannot deactivate thoughts. It works a little bit like a camera. The camera only shows what is in front of it, it does not show what is out of the picture. You guide your attention in a similar way, whatever you focus upon, whether it is a thought or something you observe, that is what you activate in your mind, it is what you broadcast to the universe. Therefore, you want to be picky with the thoughts you think and the images you put into your mind. You want to replace old thoughts and images with new ones that represent better how you want to live. In the beginning, this is a little bit of mental effort, but it becomes easier and easier with a little bit of practice.

You also want to know that you are in control of the thoughts you think. You may not believe this at first because sometimes you feel like negative thoughts keep entering your mind and you feel pretty sure you did not pick them. However, the more you realize that you can easily pick a new thought and you do not need to think about whatever temporarily occupies your mind in any moment, you begin to exercise more and more control over your mind.

The more you find new ways of thinking and focusing on what you want the less you activate the old you until it becomes an occasional voice for which you are grateful. After all it is guiding you and reminding you to stay alert and cautious.

About The Author

Marc Breetzke, M.A, M.A. is the founder and CEO of MB Inspirations, an enterprise with the mission to empower individuals and companies world-wide to live the life they truly want to live. Marc loves helping and inspiring others by teaching about law of attraction, how to master the mind, and how to achieve breakthroughs. He works as a consultant, trainer, and coach in the areas of communication, leadership, and personal development passing on what he has learned from the best. Travelling around the globe, Marc has lived in Rome and studied in the US. He is the right one to take life to the next level.

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