The only reason you are not as successful as you want to be right now is because you are programmed or conditioned to think the way you do. How you focus determines the ideas you have, the emotions, and the actions you take. Ultimately, what is on your mind most of the time causes the results in your life in all areas; whether you like them or not. In other words, your level of success depends on the quality of your state of mind. If you feel excited and enthusiastic most of the time, your life will reflect this emotional state. If you feel bored or frustrated most of the time, you belong to the major part of the world population, and your life reflects that with experiences that feel like that, also.

One simple exercise can help you to erase the old patterns and to create new ones that are productive and conducive to the realization of what you want. Here are the four steps that can change your life, if you apply them diligently and yet softly.

Step 1: Identifying what you want

Pick any subject that is important to you and about which you do not feel as satisfied as you would prefer. Now is the time to identify what it is that you do want so you would be completely content or even excited. Be as specific as you can without feeling shaky, unclear, or confused. Make sure you feel good, maybe even a little bit passionate, as you complete the step. It may feel like a little bit too much to handle at this moment, but that is fine. Do not be afraid to dream big.

Step 2: Identifying the positive emotions

In this step, you make a list with two columns. Begin with the right column and write on top of it “What does having/being/doing X feel like if it was present in my life right now?” For X, fill in what you have identified as wanted in the first step. Make sure you have ten to fifteen different emotions or words that, as you write them down, make you feel great. You have successfully completed this step if you feel really good.

Step 3: Identifying hindering beliefs

On the top of the left column you write “Why I don’t feel good about X not being in my life right now.” Underneath, you list the emotion you feel about the absence of what you want and what thoughts come up as reasons for that emotion. For example, “I don’t have enough money to afford that.” Or “I’m not worthy of this.” Or “This takes too much time and effort.” Here you want to focus on the thoughts and belief patterns that come up that are the source of the negative emotion. Come up with at least five, and not more than twelve items on that list. This step is complete once you feel like, “oh, this is why I don’t feel good about it.”

Step 4: Replacing the hindering beliefs with positive ones

Now that you have identified what you want, the emotions that make you want it, and the belief patterns that keep you from having it, it is time to replace these patterns with new ones. Go over the list of the left column and ask yourself, “now this thought is what I don’t want to believe. What thought is it that I do prefer?” As you ask yourself this question, sentences and thoughts will flow into your mind that will feel good.

Sometimes these sentences will be the exact opposite, sometimes they will have a different twist, but in every case, make sure that the new sentences make you feel, one way or another, like you felt in the second step. Finally, write down at least one positive thought to each item.

Step 5: Affirming your success

These are your new affirmations. You want to repeat them each day and get into that positive feeling often, at least once every morning. Make sure you feel like you felt in step 2 everyday for a little while and practice this feeling until it feels natural to you.

If you follow these simple steps and you make sure that step 5 is part of your daily routine, your life will begin to transform like magic in all areas. This exercise will shift your mindset and your focus away from negative beliefs and you begin to start to believe in your worthiness, in your dreams, and in yourself.

About The Author

Marc Breetzke, M.A, M.A. is the founder and CEO of MB Inspirations, an enterprise with the mission to empower individuals and companies world-wide to live the life they truly want to live. Marc loves helping and inspiring others by teaching about law of attraction, how to master the mind, and how to achieve breakthroughs. He works as a consultant, trainer, and coach in the areas of communication, leadership, and personal development passing on what he has learned from the best. Travelling around the globe, Marc has lived in Rome and studied in the US. He is the right one to take life to the next level.

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