To the World’s astonishment – in 2004 – geneticist Dean Hamer released his scientific finding unveiling a gene that he called the God Gene. His research suggests that spiritualism can, in part, be inherited. The presence of this gene predisposes a person to be spiritual and perhaps even have mystical experiences.

To begin this huge undertaking, Hamer quantified “Spirituality”  by psychometric measurements. Spiritual characteristics were determined after studying highly spiritual people. Three qualities that the researchers described as spiritual were “self-forgetfulness” (becoming totally absorbed in some activity, such as reading); “transpersonal identification” (feeling connected to a larger universe); and “mysticism” (an openness to believe things that remain unproven, such as ESP).

The above three components of spirituality taken together were called self-transcendence by Hamer. This self-transcendence measure of spirituality was heritable by classical twin studies conducted by L. Eaves and N. Martin. Approximately 40% of the variations in self-transcendence were due to genes. By contrast, specific religious beliefs (such as belief in a particular deity) had no genetic basis.

To identify some of the specific genes involved in self-transcendence, Hamer analyzed the DNA and spirituality scores from over 1,000 individuals. As a result, he concluded that people could partially inherit spirituality. This is attributed, in part, to the gene called VMAT2.

Hamer concludes that spirituality provides an evolutionary advantage by providing individuals with an innate sense of optimism. This, according to Hamer, has survival advantages hence its presence and growth in the human gene pool.

Many people desire to enhance their spirituality and to provide loved ones with a spiritual influence. To that end, Sharry Edwards, the founder of BioAcoustics, worked with Jill Mattson on the frequencies for the God Gene, VMT2, and the frequency of the activator for this gene and its protein (that provides this gene with a head start for developing spiritual qualities.) Mattson composed 70 minutes of music and inserted the God gene frequencies, that is, the gene, its activator, and protein, in every song for a delightful and uplifting experience. The listener gains the reinforcement and strengthening of their innate spirituality plus many subtle and holistic benefits from the classical musical score. It is an easy and enjoyable experience.

One of the tenants of healing with Sound – of expanding yourself with Sound – is that by listening to/and being immersed in specific frequencies and matrices of sounds, our bodies, our energies, even our mental and physical states, can be impacted profoundly.

Why is this?

There are countless documented cases of how sound can affect and heal us. There are many theories, and though a complete explanation does not exist – a clear picture is emerging – with deeper understandings, intricate connections, and relationships being solidified every year.

To capture the essence of what is at work: every living and inanimate thing has an energetic aspect. Sound is vibrational energy, and when the appropriate frequencies of sound interact with us and our environment (our bodies, our living spaces, pets… etc.), these sound frequencies can alter and transfer our fundamental energies. The Ancients learned this long ago. Some of these traditions have survived and passed down to us. There are numerous Modern Masters of Sound Healing, some famous, others obscure but fantastic work has been ongoing.

Specific Sound Frequencies and Therapies have shown the impact of subjects in numerous ways, briefly described below. Some well-documented areas that have demonstrated results include:

  • Stress reduction and relaxation benefits
  • Sleep improvement
  • Blood pressure reduction & management (even in highly stubborn cases)
  • Pathogen attack and treatment of illnesses (flu and viruses)
  • Relief with breathing issues (Allergy and even Emphysema)
  • Accelerated healing of broken bones and damaged tissues (often bad cases)
  • Specific frequencies can be “Vibrational Versions” or what Sharry Edwards calls “Frequency Equivalents” TM of a vast array of particular items or compounds, such as:
    • Vitamins and minerals
    • Nutrients and related compounds
    • Pathogen and “Anti-pathogen” agents
    • Human organs/tissues/compounds or components of these items
    • And many more

The Subtle Energy Connection

Sound Energies can interact with subtle energy for profound changes… Subtle Energy is energy that has not been directly measured or detected. However, its presence and profound influences are widely accepted in many traditions (including many Ancient Cultures, Spiritual Populations, Alternative Health advocates and even cutting-edge Scientists…). Subtle Energy is a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Many believe that Subtle Energy is at the root of many mysteries – such as physic abilities, most “miracles,” unexplained healings and many more phenomena – that we know are real – but go against our current scientific models.

The crucial link between Mattson’s God Code Musical Collection and Subtle Energy is that Subtle Energy can carry on Sound Energies. Further, Subtle Energy interacts with material things (such as human genes) and other forms of energy … but it must be made accessible to us – and that is one of the things that appropriate sound frequencies accomplish.

More on Subtle Energy

The modern physicist cannot explain the behavior of a fundamental subatomic particle, such as the electron, without invoking a wave nature. Researchers into the body’s subtle-energy systems speak of the intricate marriage of matter and energy. A compelling picture is emerging that paints the human organism as interacting subtle-energy systems. Some people firmly believe that by applying the appropriate vibrational energy, the subtle-energy states can be returned to the proper balance – restoring health and wellbeing. This understanding is the basis of many ancient healing traditions, such as acupuncture. 

Earlier work using frequencies derived from living systems:

Earlier researchers foreshadowed the idea of deriving frequencies from the God gene. Probably the most famous was Joel Sternheimer. Sternheimer measured the frequency of plant amino acids in their protein and played these sounds back to the plant. The results were impressive. Plants exposed to the frequencies grew several times faster and larger. They were more resistant to disease and pests; the fruit of these plants was much larger and more plentiful. The “music” Sternheimer developed harmonized and “tuned” the plants’ internal structures- the end result was far healthier plants.

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About The Author

Jill Mattson is a prolific artist, musician, and author. She is a widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound & Color Healing, and has produced several musical CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques & unique healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.

Jill has written 4 highly regarded books and composed 11 original musical albums, many receiving award-winning honors. All her works concern Sound Healing Energy and Spiritual discoveries with applications that people can really use these to improve their lives. She also has produced dozens of instructional videos on a wide array of topics — all centered on what she calls Total Wellness and Enlightenment based on Sound Energy/Special Vibrational Frequencies.

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