Gods are described all over the world in ancient history. What if they were real beings that were much more advanced than us? What if they acted like missionaries and taught people their wisdom? Was there a consistent message given to all of the Earth, but interpreted differently by local peoples? What would this message be?

An early religion of the Sun was prevalent all over the ancient world, especially in histories that reflect times before the flood and ice age. Thus, the ideas related to living in concert with the Sun are among the Earth’s oldest ideas.

The First God of Egypt in most histories was Ra, the Sun God. (The Egyptian King list dates back to 39,500 BC, according to the Turin Papyrus.) The Vedas of India, from circa 10,000 BC, describe the Sun and early astrological observations. The Kolbrin is a collection of manuscripts eventually totaling eleven books. The first six books were  reportedly scribed by Egyptian writers shortly after the Exodus. The texts state that Osirus sailed to Egypt to teach the religion of the Sun. He reportedly introduced an understanding of agriculture and directed the building of megalithic structures. Viracocha at Tiwanaku founded a religion of the Sun. His statue reflects a beard and wide eyes, and Caucasian features, indeed not characteristic of the local races.

Honoring the Sun’s importance was prevalent around the ancient world. For example, early pharaohs called themselves the Son of the Sun. The Iranian Sun God, Shamash and the Zorastrian God Ahura Mazda both wear a winged Sun disc.

Graham Hancock notes similar features in statues and illustrations of gods worldwide, such asfrom Easter Island, Tiwanaku, and Gobekli Tepe. The ancient gods often had red beards, fair hair and wide eyes. They were often depicted as having giant stature, some with elongated skulls. They were monogamous, honorable, praised the Sun, talked about sacrificing your lower nature to resurrect your higher spirit. They were vegetarians and tried to stop animal/people sacrifice.

Could the gods from all these different traditions be the same or from the same group? For example, Varachocha from South America has blonde hair and caucasian features and the Yellow Emperor from China was the blonde god. In Scandinavia and Finland’s gods called Oden and Vainamoenen were descendants of giant seafarers.History describesOsirus as a blonde.

A remarkable number of countries had stories that incorporate the importance of the Sun, including Egypt, India (Vedic Histories), Mesopotamia, Persia, American Indians, Germany/Scandinavia, Slavic lands, China, North Africa, and the Canary Islands.Ancient Aryans, Sumerians, Egyptians, and Gnostics. Mayans refer to themselves as the Children of the Sun or the Children of the Light.

Similar words appear in ancient histories all around the globe – again and again. These common words appear in countries where distance makes sharing seem impossible. For a tiny sampling: Guna/Kuna from native jungles in Panama have an Indian Sanskrit-like structure and 60 Norse words. The Hopis of the American southwest have words demonstrating the same similarities. Can there be any other explanation as to why words with identical meanings spread from north to south and east to west – then that there were common influences on most old cultures.

Many cultures depict the gods arriving on reed-like boats. In the 1960s, a Norwegian, Thor Heyerdahl, replicated one of these boats. He named it Kon-Tiki after the Inca god Viracocha and sailed around the world in it. These reed boats can indeed sail very long distances.

Ancient peoples also used the same symbols all over the world. Common examples are the Swastika that twirls Sun energy that appears to travel along the ecliptic and the Solar Cross reflecting solstices & equinoxes. Also widely used is the double spiral that reflects the Sun and Earth. The Lotus symbolizes resurrection, and the Feathered Serpent tracks the hours of the Sun. Earth-wide are symbols related to the Sun and crosses that reflect solstices & equinoxes with an elliptical orbit; the infinity symbol that plots the path of the Sun and the pentagram showing the path of Venus are prevalent. So why do these ancient symbols appear in the most far-reaching places?

Did early preflood beings (the gods) sail the Earth to spread their knowledge and wisdom after the flood? Did they teach about love, healthy ways of life, agriculture, temple building, and our origins from the stars?

What was the reason ancient masters (more evolved people) sacrificed themselves to show us the importance of spirituality and ascension? Here are their consistent messages:

  • You came from the stars, gave up your connections and consciousness.
  • You were reborn on Earth. Children act and grow like the dawn of the Sun.
  • In your life you peak, like the noon Sun.
  • Gradually you sacrifice lower natures, ego, and dark sides like the Sun sets.
  • In death, you release your life and all attachments
  • You will be reformed, rebirthed, renewed and resurrected. (Sunrise)
  • You will return to the stars.

Beings far surpassing us in every way felt that their message was important enough to give it to humanity in person. This knowledge is a critical gift to humanity!

This is yet one more line of evidence that we are direct descendants of higher beings and that they directly intervened in our development. The universe is connected and probably aware. We reflect the glorious wonder of it all. Celebrate this.

Celebrating the Sun was worshiping the source of life for our planet. It was a form of “Nature Religion.” The Sun is powerful and a fundamental force – arising from the creative powers that shaped the universe. Perhaps one day, we might learn that the Sun is even a conscious entity that will endure for many billions of years.

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