For many of us, this is our favorite season. The cooler temperatures, the falling leaves, the colors, the shorter days, and the approach of the holidays lights a flame in our souls.
Fall means days lounging around in our favorite sweaters, the prevalence of hot chocolate and pumpkin spice, and raking leaves (and perhaps jumping in them!). Comfort foods such as chili and soup dominate our menus. Thoughts of the holidays and seeing loved ones fuel our days.

Fall also means drier skin, chapped lips, and cold cheeks. Blustery winds are more frequent. Cold air sends us a shiver. Snow sends us into hibernation mode.


Tru Energy recognizes that Mother Nature is not always on our side when it comes to skin care. Changes in the climate for one affect our skin, but the specific elements are even rougher. Read below for tips on how to mitigate the effects of the weather on your skin, so you continue looking your best ever!

  • As temperatures drop, so too does moisture in the air. Moisture is the pulse of your skin; without it, your skin withers. Typically, the dry air sucks moisture from your skin, leaving you more likely to have dryness and flaky skin. Skin conditions such as eczema can be exacerbated as well.
  • Monitor your indoor environment.
    Central heating ranks as one of the best inventions ever. However, sitting indoors in an artificially heated environment is akin to us sitting in an oven, slowly simmering all day long. We’re depleting the air of moisture, something we’re already battling Mother Nature. Tru Energy recommends investing in a room humidifier. These simple machines put moisture back into the air (and onto our skin). Also, keep the thermostat lower and invest in some comfy, fluffy woolen sweaters instead. This will not only save you money, but your skin will thank you for it.
  • Protect your skin when outdoors. We’ve all experience red cheeks from being outside in the fall and winter. Limit exposure to the elements by wearing a lovely scarf, hat, gloves, and even a ski mask if you’ll be out all day long. Prolonged exposure to the cold can cause injury–sometimes permanent–to your skin. Chilblains can cause redness, swelling, tingling, and pain.
  • Frostnip is when your skin turns white and feels numb. Frostbite is permanent damage to the skin, often signified by black discolorations due to blood vessel injury. Tru Energy recommends having fun in the cold, but just be cognizant of how your skin is doing while making those snow angels, snow men, and skiing down the mountain.
  • Limit hot baths, showers, and hot tubs. We all love to take a hot bath after a long day snowmobiling, but excessive time in hot water can strip the skin of its outer protective barrier, leaving you feeling dry and cracked. Tru Energy recommends turning the temperature down on those hot baths and making them warm. Afterwards, add back in that sapped moisture content with our natural skin products.

As amazing as your skin is, it still needs care. Our skin is often overlooked in care treatments as our hair, muscle definition, and size of our waist takes precedence in today’s society. Just like the rest of your body, the better care you take of your skin, the better it’ll look.

About Cathy

Cathy Goldstein has been a practicing Acupuncture Physician who has been practicing integrative medicine-combining the best of natural medicine with the latest scientific discoveries to treat her patients for more than 30 years. 

Of special interest to the You Wealth family is that Cathy specializes in energy medicine, the centuries-old science of using energy to heal your body, restore vitality, and reverse aging. 

Her commitment to health care stems from her own personal experiences. She was on a path for medical school when she became very sick with Crohn’s disease. 

It was during this long illness, that Cathy turned to the ancient art of Chinese Medicine. After she received Acupuncture treatments her health really started turning around. 

At this point Cathy realized that medical school was not her destiny. She knew that addressing the underlying health issues and treating the person was the sure way to health, thus began her career focus in Chinese Medicine. 

She has been a leading physician in bringing cutting edge techniques to 

acupuncture, chiropractic, medical physicians, and other licensed practitioners. 

Cathy has a special interest (functional medicine and functional skincare) healthy products and especially natural skincare. She has developed her own skincare line that she is going to talk about tonight. 

She believes that your skin is a true reflection of your health. 

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