Vicki Howie from ConsciousLifeNews writes: 

If you’re not familiar with the beautiful Heart-healing technique know as Ho’Oponopono, you should be. It’s the simplest, yet most profound technique I know for opening your heart chakra. Right here. Right now.

It’s based around four key phrases —  perhaps four of the hardest phrases to say. That is why it’s so magical. It loosens up our ego and our habitual language defenses.

Here are the four phrases:

1) I’m sorry.

2) Please forgive me.

3) Thank you.

4) I love you.

I have seen these four phrases used for Ho’Oponopono in every order possible. The way it is listed here is my favorite order, but feel free to say it in a way that feels most authentic and natural for you.

I know that saying the order is not very important may seem like sacrilege to some, but with Ho’Oponopono as with ANY technique, following your Inner Guidance and making it your own are essential if the technique is to reach your deepest essence. Do what feels right to you.

What I love most about Ho’Oponopono is its simplicity, and how it never gets old. You can do it again and again continue to experience new openings of the heart. I’ve created a 9-minute meditation that you can do daily. I believe it encompasses the essence of this heart-connecting technique, and I hope it’ll help you more fully embody your heart center, and assist you in healing any relationship that currently feels disconnected.

The meditation will invite you to focus on a person you with whom you want to have a more connected and harmonious relationship. Alternatively, you may choose to focus on a quality or a thing instead. Say, for instance, you’d like to experience more confidence, then you could do this exercise with the quality of confidence; literally visualizing (and feeling into) confidence.

Or if you feel like you have a strained relationship with money, you may choose to do this exercise with money. You can personify absolutely anything and use this powerful meditation to break through any and all personal blocks.

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About the Author

Vicki Howie is an Empath, Life Coach, and Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. She’s a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and Registered Yoga Teacher too. Vicki can help you tap into your personal roadmap for success – the chakras that resides within you.