We say we want answers from spirit but fail to act on the little knowings, nudges or “ah ha’s” we receive. We keep waiting for the big picture. We want to know the final outcome but that is not how it usually works.

At times if we really were shown the Big Picture it would just be too much for us. We would look at it and say we are not capable of something like that. The thing is WE may not be capable but spirit is. Are job is to Trust and Act on what we are being shown.

ego-selfYou have to realize your ego is always right there trying to put a monkey wrench in what spirit is trying to guide you to do. So if you get an “ah ha”, then right behind it your mind says “you don’t know how to do that” realize the first thing you got was from spirit and the follow up is ego.

Ego will always come from a place of judgement, control, blame and criticism. You have to learn to quiet your mind. If the ah ha or knowing expands your energy and you feel happy or joyful you know you are being led by spirit. If then you receive the criticism or judgement and you feel your energy is constricted you will know that is from ego.

Learn to feel what your energy is doing.

That expansion is your heart center, you feel expansion and that fluttering of excitement in your heart. You feel the tight knot or sick feeling in your gut and that is constriction or ego.

With intuition you will often see or know the next baby step and the next and the next and as long as you continue to take action on each one you will continue to be led.

That trust and then action brings us to our next opening. Once spirit can see that you are listening and taking action the step will get bigger and bigger and get closer and closer together.

We expect our guidance to be consistent but we must do our part. We don’t want to miss the moment because if we put the next step off an hour or a day or a week we may have missed our opening. We are different people an hour or day or week later and situations change.

They may have told us to go left when we would normally go straight because just at that moment you would have run into the exact person you needed to run into for that opportunity. When you decide, oh I will go left tomorrow I want to just get there today, you missed it.

Then you wonder why you’re stalled and not moving forward in what you know is coming.

Courage is a huge component in all of it, it takes courage to step into the unknown but if you know that it is truly coming from spirit then you should know everything will be all right.

Abundant Blessings,

Mary Beth Vanderlinden

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