Holistic has many definitions, some call it who-ha, others spiritual, others educated. I like to think of a holistic life as a wise life, you live a life that you know will be better by looking at the ‘big-picture’, living life as whole.  What we think, do, say, eat, practice, believe in and our impact on others and the planet are all reflections of how we choose to live our life.  In society, school and our parents bring us up to teach us the basics of right and wrong, good and bad and ethically how to behave in the world. However few of us are taught how to  live a fulfilling, nourishing life outside of making money and just ‘getting by’.

holistic approach to your body, mind and soul can not only transform your health and well-being, it can benefit your relationships, make you more patient, understanding, loving and generally help you to become more awake as a person in your day-to-day life.  Below are six simple things you can do to help add to your life, by living from a holistic view…

Eat Clean

Your body is your vehicle. Just like you don’t crash your car on purpose or set fire to your house how about nourishing it, caring for it. Our body is fueled and thrives better n clean, organic foods. So try flushing out the toxins in your body with green tea, lots of water and eating lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts for a few days.

Recycle Energy

Think about how you impact not just the environment but people in your vicinity.  On top of making an effort to recycle more and waster less why not try and share wisdom, help others and lend your energy to those around you that might need it. Lend an ear, make someone a coffee or simply smile at someone.

Grow Yourself

The cool thing about knowledge is that there is always something new to learn, something that can add to your life. People who are open to learning, discussing and experiencing new things are less judgmental and more educated – so read new books, visit websites like myempoweredworld.com who host a hub a wisdom to help develop and grow your knowledge on life, love and well-being.

Stop Rushing

You are not too busy, stop wishing your life and time away. Make time for the things that add to your day. Find things that you love like exercise, classes, do something you’ve always wanted to do. Stop between the chaos and smell the roses. You will be surprised that when you stop and recharge how much more time you have for things you use to feel you didn’t have time for…Go figure!

Love Life

It really is true, when you love life it loves you right back.  Lots of people find affirmations corny, but how about just thinking to yourself when you are stuck on the bus or in traffic about all the things you are thankful for, all the cool things in your life, the people. Have some manners towards your life and you will find it respects you a lot more.


Find other like minded holistic people, they are everywhere! Join people in your work space who like yoga at a class, join a course, go to a festival or even connect to facebook pages and online groups where you can share experiences, learn and connect with our people who ‘get it’ that there is more to life than 9-5, chores and fast food.  You will naturally find that these types of people will come into your life as well, so keep an eye out…

And remember: you deserve to live a ‘whole’ life, rather than just a piece of it…

About The Author:

Emma Mildon is an author, columnist, and spiritualist that specializes in spiritual research that she shares to her readers through her interactive website, app, and books. Giving her readers easy access to everything from spiritual scriptures across all religions, to different types of yoga to explore, crystals, feng shui right down to how to work out your astrology and numerology. Keep an eye out for her book ‘The Soul Searchers Handbook’ out later this year with Simon & Schuster USA or visit her website, emmamildon.com. You can also find Emma on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+. Find out more on how to manage your soul at emmamildon.com, or pre-order Emma’s book, The Soul Searchers Handbook at Barnes & Noble, BN.com.

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