Stay Present to Raise Your Vibration

Staying grounded in the present moment helps to raise your vibration and improve the quality of your life.  Many of us have heard before that we need to “stay present,” but why is this important?  The reason is because everything is happening now.

Think about it: wherever you are, you are always in the present moment.  You are always in the now.  You may be able to remember the past, and you might be able to imagine the future, but even when you do so, you are here in the present moment. 

Regardless of how much you think about it, tomorrow will always be a day ahead, and yesterday will always be a day behind. 

Because you are always in the present moment, being aware of your presence in the now tunes you into your personal power.  Now is the only time you can do what you want to do, feel how you want to feel and say what you want to say.  Giving your energy and attention to the here and now is important, because the present moment is the only place you ever have the ability to take action.

This isn’t to say that you should rob yourself of reliving a happy memory or of imagining the good things that are their way to you.   It just means that the present moment is where your power is, always, regardless of where your thoughts may wander.  

So, what does staying present have to do with raising your vibration?

When thoughts of the past or future feel upsetting or negative, staying present can bring us into a more peaceful, higher vibrational state.

It is easier to appreciate our wellness and the good in our lives when we are aware of the now.  This is because in this moment, we are alive.  In this moment, we are probably doing just fine.  In spite of what may happen in the future or has happened in the past, right now we are very likely safe and sound. 

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