The Secret To My Recovery

Nikki Stang from Sunny Skyz wrote:

In 2011 I was a Physical Education teacher for high risk youth. One day we were playing basketball and I was accidentally headbutted in the mouth. At the moment, I had no idea that my life would change forever. I ended up losing my front tooth and fracturing my jaw. In 2013 I ended up being admitted to the ICU for 5 days because I was exhibiting very unusual behavior. I was delirious, I couldn’t walk on my own without my legs giving out, I didn’t know who I was or anyone else around me. The amount of pain that was radiating from my head was astronomical. I saw multiple neurologists who all came up with the same conclusion; they wouldn’t treat me because they would view my medical history and toss me to the side like their uneaten lunch. They were convinced that my symptoms were because I was sexually and physically abused as a child. I eventually found a neuropsych who did brain testing and concluded all my symptoms were in fact from being headbutted, not from the abuse.

Each day when I woke up it was a mystery of what my new symptom would be that day. There were times I had completely lost my hearing and vision, passed out, lost control of my legs, migraines that felt like someone beat me with a baseball bat, issues with speech, short term memory loss and many more that you can read about here. I was also pregnant when my symptoms had peaked which made my fight even harder than I had imagined. It was some of the worst moments in my life, however I told myself I would recover and help others when I finally did. I would have bad days and breaking points but my whole mantra was to focus on my blessings, not my triumphs.

It wasn’t until my early 20s until I gained an appreciation for things that I had never even thought about. Waking up and knowing who I was, having a migraine free day, what it’s like to recognize someone and remember a memory you shared…

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