I’ve come to notice that the more I talk about the things I want to do in life, the less I actually do them. You think that would have the opposite effect and due to the fact I am continually giving the idea of my dreams attention and energy that I’d be pulling them into my reality, but that’s the thing, when we spend some much time on constructing what believe our dreams and visions just HAVE to look like in the end, we kind of miss the mark; but I digress…

You see (no pun intended) when we invest our time merely constructing the “how” rather than doing the work that will get us there, before you know it another year has gone by and the only thing that has changed is that we’ve merely gotten better at explaining what our hopes and dreams are.

If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of cool shit you wanna do with your life and your motivation is part selfish and part wanna save humanity. I personally see a future with many published books, a ton of awesome coaching clients, and a message that inspires others to let their own amazing visions come to light. And I plan on doing this by no longer talking about it and finally telling myself to literally shut the “eff” up.

I have this thing with procrastination as in it is always the first thing that gets done on my To-Do list. I have a million great ideas, a brain that will not stop full of poetry, music, art, and waterfalls of creativity that pour out of me so quickly I have sadly learned to tune much of it out. But I realize that that is doing myself and the world a disservice and honestly is completely hypocritical and goes against everything I will be teaching my very own clients about letting your gifts take care of you!

Enough fear already, right? Can you feel that? It’s like we all carry this unspoken veil of heavy obligation, fear, and regret of things we don’t know why we feel, but all we know is we’re scared of failing and to get down to it…not being good enough to be loved or have our loved accepted. And fear can stop us dead in our tracks and also manipulate our senses. Suddenly our vision may look like a nightmare, or it might simply fade away because we’ve been told for so long it’s unattainable or “weird”.

So…my advice is (and I speak to myself here too) to think back to that voice inside you when you were a kid. The one that knows innately to go to your imagination to manifest what you want into reality. The one that KNOWS things are possible for yourself. Re-connect with that voice because that voice is your vision. That voice will tune you back into your real eyes of innocence that allow authentic expression to finally exist in a space of pure creativity.

And the more time we spend looking inward, the more we realize that the energy we put into simply talking about our vision must have drive behind, not just hope. Otherwise, it just floats. So, back to the imagination, which literally breaks down to “an image being born” is the surest and purest route to manifesting your vision. So, get clear on what you want, and hold that image strong in your mind AND your heart.

The more we IMAGINE our vision, the more we THINK about it, the more likely we are to ACT on it. Talking about it just leads to more talking about, at least in my experience. It can definitely help to get research around vision, to network, and to get mentoring and coaching in your field, etc. but if you find you are always talking about what you want to do, realize that your energy is actually keeping those things always in the future. They cannot get to you if you speak of them as things you WANT to do rather than things you are already doing; whether you are or not!

That’s the trick with manifestations; it’s the ENERGY!!! It’s all in the feels, baby, and when it comes your vision and fulfilling your dreams…if you feel it, they will come…true.

About The Author

Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. 

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