6 Ways To Read Someone’s Mind Easily

Many of us think of reading somebody else’s mind as a sort of control mechanism. If you can figure out their next move, you can manipulate them or anticipate their future actions. In reality, it can be far more practical and personal.

Reading someone else’s mind allows you to be there for them, understand their point of view, and relate to them on a deeper level. Here are 6 easy ways to read someone’s mind easily:

1) Body Language

Body language is another clear indication as to what somebody is thinking. If their forehead is creased they are stressed. How are they sitting or standing; what is their posture?

When primates in the wild show strength, they open up, arms out wide. They stretch out and pound their chests. In fact, their cortisol hormone levels decrease, reducing stress. Likewise, if you bunch up nervously your cortisol levels increase. When cortisol levels increase, sleep deprivation, weight gain and a host of other issues can result. Caffeine has many medicinal properties but when abused, it can lead to cortisol spikes, thus weight gain and sleep deprivation may follow.

Thus, you can learn a lot about a person’s mental state from their body language, posture, and energy levels.

2) Watch their breath

How are they breathing? If somebody breathes through the base of their spine it means they are relaxed. If ones breathing is shallow, they are tense. If you want to know someone’s mental state, observe their breath.

If their breathing is choppy, they are most likely nervous which means they don’t want you to know something. They may be shy, anxious, or hiding something from you. If someone has a relaxed breath, you know that their mental state is calm which typically means they are being truthful.

3) Read their eyes

The eyes can also be revealing. The pupil is said to be a portal to the mind. Some studies have shown that when one thinks hard, pupils dilate. Interestingly, when the brain is overloaded the pupils will constrict.

Also with pupils, when you first meet someone they widen.

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Source: http://www.bodymindsoulspirit.com/6-ways-to-read-someones-mind-easily/