About Peg Rose:

Peg Rose has lived in three different houses with weird energy in the last 35+ years, including an ancient curse and one connected to murder and malevolent spirits. Out of necessity she learned how, and now specializes in, cleansing homes and properties. One of Peg Rose’s Missions is to anchor the energetic template of The Divine New Earth, by taking the old 3D energy, Cleansing It, Transmuting It and Restoring it to the Original Template for The Divine New Earth.

Peg Rose’s journey to heal herself and others led her to learn various techniques including Akashic Records, Inter-Dimensional Work and PAX’s Noble Healing & Noble Forgiveness.

Peg Rose is a licensed Human Design Facilitator for Abundance by Design and Healing by Human Design, Level 3. Her areas of emphasis are healing traumas from sexual, physical and emotional abuse, being a midwife to the creativity of the Divine Feminine, and creating Divine Partnership through collaboration with the Divine Masculine.

Peg Rose was a Commodity Analyst using the theory of cycles. Her analysis of the Seasonal Cycles is currently in multiple computerized trading programs. She managed two historic family farms for more than 35 years while also preparing taxes professionally. Peg Rose donated the land for a Montessori school and spent twelve years as a Montessori teacher and assistant. She then home-schooled her two sons through high school. Peg Rose was the Treasurer for a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for 30 years started by her best friend to work with Native American youth and elders.

After being in hiding for five years, Peg Rose is happily living and investing in Real Estate in the Rocky Mountains in Divine Partnership with her partner, who was secretly in love with her for 43 years.

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