Globalism - True or false?

I am all for ONE WORLD where we have free travel, no borders, openness and no more wars EVER!

However… right now there is a dark grid of energy called the ‘mutant matrix’ over the 3D grid. If we give global power to THIS small group of people…we will lock ourselves in this 3D grid.

Just FEEL INTO THIS… these are the same people who push 5G, mandatory vaccines (closing off our higher awareness), GMO foods, more chemtrails, blocking off the suns cosmic rays, etc…


They know our 12 strand DNA is awakening.

Once this happens these beings who are controlling this ‘mutant matrix’ cannot exist on this planet. And will be removed from the planet… Earth will unify and be being brought back into the GALACTIC federation of light (GFOL).

Leaders who are pushing for this are right now are ‘dark hearts’ using our the ascension and unification energy within us to hold humanity hostage to the feelings coming forward and thus creating the walls in this prison.

Our ascension and opening up the halls of Amenti and the stargates is all about this discernment.

We chose this experience to go deep…realize our own power and then choose to rise to the light… rid the dark so it can heal…and then unify not only the PLANET but with our true galactic heritage and multi-dimensional truth.

This includes all kingdoms, plants, our beloved animals and the crystal kingdoms.

In this world we have FREE energy, increased life span, abundance, universal plenty for all and unlocking our truth 12 strand DNA.

In the ‘3d false globalism world’ we have mandatory vaccines, censored and controlled media, GMO foods, 5G networks, microchipping, AI implants and a destruction of our soul connection in favor of honor and worship of the all might state.

Do you now see…?


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