Last week I sent out a survey asking,

“What is the #1 THING you need the most help with?”

Hundreds and hundreds responded and the most common answer was…

  1. ‘Money and Abundance’
  2. Energy and Vitality in second, and
  3. Life Purpose was third…

So I thought I’d spend the next few days sharing how I’ve personally learned to solve these 3 challenges.

Ready to get started?

Fantastic let’s go!

I’ve discovered that one of the biggest reasons why spiritual, heart-centered people struggle is because…

…’standardized’ education has not taught us what we truly are!

In fact, the foundation of our ‘standardized’ educational system was created around 150 years ago!

At that time people literally traveled by horse and wagon!

And this ‘education’ was designed to condition us to perform task based jobs…

Like in the Industrial Revolution factories, remember?

So we never really learn who and what we are…

and how to live and prosper from our own ‘uniqueness’…

In fact, we’re often groomed to hold back our deepest gifts and ‘soul’ genius!


Does this sound like you…

You long to discover your true soul purpose and help others

but you feel ‘frozen’ and don’t know where to start?

You want to be financially abundant

but you also don’t want to do ‘something’ just for money?

You’re tired of wondering about your life purpose

while other people seem to easily achieve happiness and success?

You feel like you are working WAY too hard with too little return

…and you want to feel supported, rather than drained?

Deep down you know you have a deep purpose to share with the world

…but it feels like you’re getting ignored or even dismissed?

So, what’s the crux of the real challenge?

I believe its because we are never taught how to live from our GRACE STATE or something I call, our ‘Soul’s Genius’.

We all have it.

We all have something each of us came here to do, be, and create. Here’s what architect, futurist, creator and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller said:

You are one of a kind.

You are unique for a reason.

You are have a unique purpose.

Yet instead of being taught how to connect to this from a very young age…

We memorize history, facts and the ideas of others…

And those who are best at ‘memorizing’ and repeating these ideas and facts get rewarded.

But here’s the thing…

You were not born to suppress your energy or brilliance…

You were born to live your own ‘blueprint’…

How do I know? Because you were designed from the same great patterns that created the galaxies, star clusters, and the ‘web of life’.

And if you were taught how to find and live from ‘this’ from Day 1 onward

…your life would be totally different right now.

In fact, I believe our world would be totally different.

Why? Because each of us holds our own unique part of the solution.


Because we’ve been ‘conditioned’ through school and other people’s perceptions of us.

We never truly learn how to discover and live from our own unique path.

And We Struggle Because…

We’ve been taught to do ‘things’ like everyone else does ‘things’…

So we end up competing and struggling. And it usually looks something like this:

…As we all ‘push’ for that same door.

Sadly, this has created a world where people, countries and political parties fight for resources and power.

So instead of cooperating we compete.

So what is true?

Well, the world is abundant…

And you are abundant.

You are whole, perfect and complete…

and you were created for special purpose.

If you only started to LEARN and LIVE from this personal blueprint or ‘Soul Genius’…

something even more amazing would happen:

Life Healing!

Because as you truly discover who and what you are…

Life long challenges, blocks and limiting beliefs QUICKLY shift into alignment…

As your personal energy field begins to align with your own ‘Soul Field’.

Something miraculous occurs….

All the life-draining beliefs, energies and illusions held in your personal field ‘re-calibrate’ to the creation energies of the Universe…

And Your ‘Divine Life Pattern’ Starts to Take Shape.

Then instead of force…

You start to live from FLOW.

And you realize who you are and why you are here.

So what would I do if I had to start again from ZERO?

I would stop.

And ‘align’…

I’d start to connect to what really good for my soul.

That’s the first step.

I’ll share more in my next post…

Check your post for Part II on Saturday morning Feb. 8th…

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  1. What’s the biggest specific challenge in your life that you would like to solve?
  2. Do you ever feel like it’s hard to sustain success?
  3. What truly makes you happy?

Write down your answers or just write me back by hitting ‘reply’.

…. And watch for my Part II post on Saturday morning Feb 8th.

Thank you for being in my life. I love you!