1. Let go of fears, doubts and worries, as these stop you from moving forward and finding happiness.

2. Let go of all negativity, as this keeps your energy down and affects your well-being.

3. Let go of physical attributes such as ego, greed, selfishness, as these stop the connection to your spiritual heart.

4. Let go of all past hurts stored in your subconscious, as these will just hold you back and stop you moving forward on your life path.

5. Learn to live with, and give compassion, understanding, kindness, honesty, patience, respect, joy, peace and love, as when you do you will find you receive the same back from others.

6. Learn to ‘go with the flow’, as this will help you to bring in an abundance of all that you require into your life.

7. Learn the follow your ‘bliss’ approach, as when you do you are connecting with your intuition, and higher self, and are trusting the pull to try new things, which will lead to blissful experiences, and opportunities.

8. Learn to live in positivity, as positive thoughts, words and actions bring positive experiences, opportunities and people into your life.

9. Learn to give and receive unconditionally, as when you do your relationships will find balance, trust, joy, and love.

10. Learn to feel, listen, and honor your heart, as it’s often your greatest councillor, and will guide you well in life.

It takes courage to open your heart to the divine consciousness and to life in general. It is even more difficult to be open to self-love, but when you do, everything starts to feel, look, taste, smell different. Suddenly, you are truly awakened, alive and aware of everything inside and outside of you, and nothing will be the same again, in a good way of course.

Our physical side of self  can get in the way of opening our heart; this can be from numerous reasons, brought from broken relationships and other situations in our life.  Doubts, worries, and fear can block us from opening our heart. Life’s lessons and sufferings can help us to learn and better understand life in all its forms, and can also help us understand the true concept of unconditional love.

When you hold doubts in your mind on love, and question it, and ask yourself if you are doing the right things or not, this is because your heart isn’t fully open.  You need to trust in the Divines love,  and your own self-love. You have to trust your spirit which resides in your heart, this is the true, real essence of you, not your physical beings short failings of self-doubt and mistrust.

Your physical being is your earthly experience, to learn and understand life, and to experience all forms of love from others, through friends, lovers, and family. This teaches you about love, and when you connect to the Divines love you can learn to appreciate true love in its purest form; unconditional love.

Love is…
learning to love self-first then…
learning to love others in all forms.

When you do this your heart becomes activated and open, which leads us to connect to the divine spark within.

All of the above is only achieved by being in tune with self-first and self-love. You cannot give love to another when you don’t love yourself. You cannot love the Divine/Creator and open your heart until you have mastered the art of self-love; self-love leads to connecting within to the Divine love, Gods love.

I am using the word God as a term, God/Divine/higher consciousness, the creator, however you want to perceive it as, I like to say creator of all things.

We are all mini Divines/creators connected to the Divine/Creator.  When you realize this, life makes more sense, it has logic and understanding. You then begin to live through the heart and resonate in a frequency of love, where an abundance of joy, happiness, peace and love will come into your life in rich and rewarding ways.

About The Author:

Wendy Murphy is a spiritual life coach/mentor, writer, artist, psychic reader, and energy healer. She was born and raised in London to artist and spiritual parents. She is passionate about inspiring and uplifting people from all walks of life. Born an empath and light worker she writes and speaks truth from the heart, and through her writings and teachings shows people how to live an authentic way of life to bring inner peace, joy and bliss into their everyday life. She has been working predominantly online, helping people across the globe and from all walks of life, offering, support, guidance, clarity, vision, insight, and wisdom, through her empowering quotes, words of wisdom and spiritual articles, through Facebook and her websites. She has helped people change their life, and believes it is one of her life paths mission to help as many people reach their spiritual potential and find their purpose in life in a positive proactive way. Wendy offers spiritual mentoring/life coaching, energy ascension 1 on 1 workshops and angel cards and psychic readings.

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