There is one magical and beautiful thing which above all else defines our extraordinary, dawning Age: this time of such intensity heralds the end of separation, the birthing of a Golden Age. After eons and lifetimes when our inner and outer worlds have known every possible polarity and difference, every contradiction and opposition, we are uncovering the truth that beneath the surface of our lives and our conscious awareness, We are One. More than this, we are remembering that Heaven and Earth themselves are not separate; that All the Cosmos is a vast field of shimmering, evolving and intelligent Life.

This truth is radical, and challenging, but it is also tremendously reassuring. We have walked a long journey and traveled far from Source. There was a good reason for the separation we chose, its quest would lead us to the very heart of ourselves, but the journey has not been easy. It’s no wonder that we fell so deeply into forgetfulness; no wonder that we gave away our power and security as we scattered our energies, mislaying precious parts of ourselves. Like every living thing, though, we have always been propelled to find one another, to unite, to return from the chilly lands of separation to the warmer realms of Love, to give what we have to share – and in this time of uncertainty and opportunity, we are seeing that the union and comm-union which are so fundamental to our nature are also part of something far larger than we’ve known before.

spheresThe veils are steadily thinning, but there are moments when they seem almost to part completely, and the reality of infinite connection becomes palpable, not just to the mystics but to each of us. We glimpse these in our own way: through moments with nature or poetry, in friendship or love. We may scarcely recognise the divine connection that hovers in the energy fields of our awareness, but it is real; it is accessible and tangible to us all. The knowing, or the bodily feeling, of this connection may arise through our focused intention in meditation and reflection, but it may equally slip suddenly, quietly through the cracks in any moment of an ordinary day.

I was searching this morning for a particular piece of music, a must-have to help with an ongoing project. While I searched, something else dropped in. Four vital ingredients – Bach, YouTube, my Cell-Phone, and a Master Pianist – came together, transcending the boundaries of time and space to deliver a gift that would bless any listener with an hour of divine magic.

As this artist sat at his instrument, energies poured through him, his eyes mostly closed but every cell reverberating with life as he glided gracefully through the deepening chords. His playing was surely a full-body transmission, but in that transmission was also more than this: the space was filled by the presence of the composer whose inspiration had created the notes and melodies three centuries before as he, too, had striven to unite the realms of heaven and earth; it was amplified by the awed and silent engagement of the audience, expanded by the quarter-million YouTube listeners who had basked in this already.

And beyond all this, of course, was the gift of the network we take for granted every day of our lives; the magical internet of light-connections that unites us across dimensions which through the millennia had seemed so far apart. Bach himself was no more ‘dead’ in this transmission than the plastic-and-metal device which delivered the music into my cells along with my morning tea. The pianist and the audience were in deep and sacred union; the music seemed illumined by the powers of Light; everything came together; all was one; everything – and everyone – was alive.

Technology has advanced so fast and moved so deep into our daily moments that hanging out with our artists and heroes seems commonplace – and yet this simple hour was one small miracle in an Age of Miracles, where we 7-plus billion souls are searching constantly for a way; we are seeking to transcend the fear and wounds that have seemed to keep us limited and apart – from ourselves, from one another, from Source. Magical creations and communions are occurring around us and within us all the time – yet still we look for what we feel we have lost, rather like the proverbial fish who swims around the ocean asking passers-by, “Please, where will I find the water?”

As we open the doors of our spiritual hearts to every miracle, small or large, Light flows into their deepest corners, carrying the frequencies of beauty and joy and love, the energies that dissolve every wall. The ‘Enlightenment’ of three, four, five hundred years ago brought a flowering of great souls who developed science and music, philosophy and art to dissolve dogma and darkness, giving us space to raise the vibration of our souls, to create the “freedom, equality and brother/sisterhood” that is our natural birth-right. As our capacity for union and communion expands, then the light of our own time, a rich, new and more universal Age of Enlightenment, deepens. We are joining forces, with one another and with the beings of the unseen world, widening our bandwidth beyond the borders of our five senses and our 3rd-dimensional awareness to remember our divine oneness and truth.

What is more, because we are finding the courage to open ourselves, to reach so much higher and deeper than we’ve dared to go in ages past, angelic consciousness is responding to our call: it is stepping down through the dimensions of the Cosmos to take us by the hands, or hearts, meeting us where we are and making us whole. This is the healing, or whole-ing, which is the great spiritual gift of our time, and it flows to us directly on the incoming tides of Light.

Metatronic Healing® and other powerful healing systems consciously harness these sacred, loving tides in powerful and practical ways. They receive and transmit the frequencies of Love as a tangible, palpable force which melts, first, the walls of our limiting stories and beliefs and dissolves the pain of our wounds. But it also does much more than this: it activates the majestic power that has lain dormant, deep in our hearts, waiting for the moment that we were ready to awaken. The loving force opens the windows and doors of those hearts, so God can take up home within us. God is there already, of course, but we have needed to revitalize our Godness, to re-member our forgotten parts.

Just as the spirit of Bach and more was delivered through a transmission that would not have been possible even a decade or two ago, so we are being gifted from angelic realms with transmissions of the purest Light. As these angelic streams of Love course through us, they cleanse outworn patterns of thought and feeling and belief which no longer serve our highest purpose. They might be compared to streams of music on a higher vibration than we have imagined in the past, and yet the Music of the Spheres is here already, tuning our systems to wider states of awareness as their rivers of Light stir into life the dormant strands of the DNA that is so ready to release its power. The sacred life-force of the transmissions we are offered reveals the divinity at our core, literally recalibrating the energetic light-grids within us, to restore our divine wisdom, and power, and love.

We are the ones we have been waiting for: this sacred initiation is the true Christing of our souls and cells, seeded long ago by the Buddha and Christ, watered and nourished by Masters and Sages through the ages since. We are ready for the real ‘Baptism’ of our spirits as we come to know that the ‘Kingdom of God’ is truly within us, that we never left home in the first place, that each of us is a Master in the making, and that heaven is already here.

Have a beautiful day!

Pippa Merivale