Why is it that many of us have difficulty manifesting our ideal relationship, and is there anything we can do about it?


Sometimes a lack of clarity about exactly what we want from a relationship may be causing the problem.
However, when we DO know for sure what we want and feel that our ideal partner is already in our vortex, then WHY is he or she not then manifesting into our life??

The first question we must ask ourselves is, “Do we need more life experiences before the manifestation can appear?”
If the answer to this question is NO, then enough components are already there in our vortex; and as Abraham puts it in the video, “it is cooked and ready for delivery.”

All which we want is in a ‘high flying’, non-resistant vibration, and when we are in alignment with this there is an open channel of communication and we should then be receiving inspiration, and realizing and witnessing the unfolding.

If this is NOT happening then it means that something OTHER than our vortex is dominating and influencing our thoughts on the subject.

What is this other influence??

A habit we humans have is to concentrate our thoughts on what has already manifested, on what IS, which in this case is the lack of a relationship.
As this is our predominant focus then the greater influence on our moment to moment thoughts is the lack rather than what is in our vortex.

How Can we turn this around??

In a situation such as this, we are in conflict. On one hand, our Inner being is saying “All things are possible”, yet reality is saying, “Except this!”

When our beliefs are based on the present situation of lack then this OLD NEWS keeps us stuck and is consistently blocking the manifestation we so longingly desire.
Oftentimes we even deliberately hold onto a thought which doesn’t let us go where we want to go, almost in a kind of stubbornness or defiance.

The problem here is that unless we begin to tell a different story from our current situation we are unable to move on.
We then say, “I can’t tell a story which isn’t true as this is dishonest”; yet Abraham assures us that unless we start to tell our story differently then nothing will change.
Far from being deceptive, this is WISE and far preferable and useful than continuing to regurgitate more of what is!

Starting from the inside

It is imperative that our new story starts from the inside, and firstly we must learn to find satisfaction where we already are.
All the fun is in the anticipation of what is realizing; it’s the knowledge of what is already ’in our pipeline’ and in the becoming of it!
If we can but focus on the relationship which IS evolving rather than the one that ‘isn’t there’, then we will be “ready to be ready” and enjoy the anticipation.
We must be satisfied with what is and eager for more.

Relationships which we know are not right for us

When we are in a relationship which we know is not right for us there are always some components present which we do want.
Whilst we can’t turn a relationship we don’t want into one we do want, if we look at the things in it which we do want with appreciation then we are moving forward and we will attract more of that which we do want. We will find that we inevitably then turn a corner and find more.

Your Inner Being Always Knows

When we feel unsure what it is that we truly want our inner being would love to say to us:

i. You are decided
ii. You don’t believe in your readiness.

In other words, you ARE ready, you just don’t KNOW you’re ready.

The advice we are offered by Abraham quite simply is to HAVE FUN and to know that it’s really close. If someone were to ask us “Did you meet that person yet?” we can say “Hell no! I don’t want to get there too quickly. I’m having way too much fun along the way. The feeling of anticipation is what I’m savouring the most.”

The advice we are given may sound like a contradiction but in reality, it is not.

The Reality Is:

If we are NOT in a hurry it will happen fast.
If we ARE in a hurry we will slow it down because our hurry is ‘out of whack’.

Enjoy the journey, the delicious anticipation, the NOW, and the manifestation must then appear.

Our satisfaction is in alignment.

About The Author:

Carole Wildman is a Certified High Performance Coach and Success Coach. Her coaching is all-encompassing, holistic and based on many years of scientific research. Sessions focus on raising the client’s life to the next level and beyond and staying there not just in short bursts but consistently! Carole has been a keen student of personal development for several decades now and also in growing her own spiritually. Her interest began with Wayne Dyer’s very first book which was released in the late 1970’s and expanded thereafter as she devoured books by Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and many other spiritual leaders.

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