A powerful – often overlooked – tool to help us manifest the things in life that we desire AND to clear negative energy out of ourselves replacing it with plentiful positive energy is: careful control and design of our Home Living Environment. You CAN create your own Home of Power and infuse your Life with Light and boundless positive energy. Do you know those things that you most want in your life? Follow the practical energy techniques in Jill Mattson’s new You Wealth Interview and mold your Home to create the specific energies that will lead you to your dreams.

Regardless of your current setting – large house-to-small apartment – there are simple steps that everyone can take to tailor their living environment to match and drive their deepest life goals. Make your Home the Power Base for everything that you want to achieve in your life. Enjoy peace, serenity, and renewed energy every day. Once set up, no will power or effort is required to consistently receive the energy of the life you desire. Manifest through a Home of Power. Achieve Abundance and Harmony; Create healing frequencies – for a chronic health condition – in your bedroom to absorb while you sleep. Create energy of Attraction to find that special relationship that you are lacking. Amazing results are possible using Mattson’s techniques.

Just as a healthy diet is necessary for your body’s optimum performance, a nurturing & stimulating home environment is a significant influence in all that we feel and think – and, ultimately, how we perform. A Home can be custom designed to help us attain our goals. Once you set up the frequencies and energies of your goals inside your home, they continue to work without your attention, effort or will power.

Areas for potential transformation by energizing your living spaces:

  • Abundance
  • Anxious, nervous & stressed
  • Lack motivation, drive, stamina & interest in life
  • Want a relationship – attract a partner
  • Clear your Home of negativity/damaging energy
  • Lack confidence, shy
  • Address personal health issues
  • Connect your environment to a particular Culture/Era or Master

The well-designed Home Living Space Environment can be like a daily launching pad that propels us forward – every day – with High Energy, Crystal Clarity, and Positive Attitude. Alternately a negative environment can hold us back and take us down.

Think to what is vital in growing a healthy fruitful plant from a small seedling: clean and fertile soil with key nutrients, sunshine, warm, consistent temperatures, and suitable rainfall. Make your personal living space emit energies consistent with your needs and your aspirations. Do you most need more abundance, or do you want a close partner? Perhaps the most decisive step you can take is to mindfully match your home’s energy to the energy of your goal.

The proportions, layouts, and materials that create a sublime feeling room are the same frequencies and design elements that uplift your physical body’s subtle energies. You are not separate from your environment. You exchange energies with your home all the time that you are in it! You create your life with your living space as much as you do in other endeavors in life. Learn to make conscious decisions of what you want in your life and create a machine, aka your home, to consistently deliver these desired feelings and energies that bring out about outer circumstances.

Negativity energy circulates between your physical, mental, and emotional energy fields and your home. Clear the energy pathways (the meridians) of your living space and your body simultaneously. Eliminate builds ups of negative energy from anyone in your home or even the history of the area you live, and feel the improvemnets in your body, emotions and manifesting!

We are vibrational beings, and we are affected by the energies that surround us. Among my most memorable personal experiences are deep spiritual reactions during visits to certain old Cathedrals, Castles, and Ancient Monuments… why IS this?

The Ancients wisely understood the critical role that the design and decor of important structures played in their lives. There are links between the Pyramids’ key design elements and iconic Cathedrals… and their sublime altering energies. What is essential for you today is to realize that you can significantly change your life quickly and for small expense – by making thoughtful changes to and selections for the place where you spend more time than anyplace else – Home!

Decisions as simple as the colors and shapes you employ in your rooms… the materials used and the layout are all potentially powerful forces that can tremendously influence you.

Some unique shapes act as portals, bringing 5th-dimensional energies into your home. For example, an ellipse is an extraordinarily healing shape. Notice that the womb is in this shape because it creates ideal energy for a baby to develop. The repsoitories reported, for beings from the stars, use an egg-shaped sack for recovery and healing. Ellipse shaped objects and even depictions of this shape – on the back of rugs, furniture and pictures – impart this energy into your home and yourself. This shape has healing properties, and when you are exposed to it, you absorb this!  Not just special shapes, but colors, numbers, dimensions, building materials, and design layouts and arrangements create the same healing energies as found in ancient temples – right in your living room!

Identify the changes that you want to make in your life, then create the energy you most want throughout your home. Surround yourself with the characteristic energies that you lack. Design and innovate an environment that radiates the frequencies that you require. Immerse yourself in a matrix of energies that will fill you with what you are missing – reach your fondest goals.

Mattson has studied Ancient Cultures for decades. As she uncovered their use of music and sound in healing and other powerful applications, she eventually saw a pattern arise – almost All Cultures had traditions of carefully designing their living spaces and blessed temples and gathering places. These studies demonstrated to Mattson that the Chinese Feng Shui was only one among many systems… and that great opportunity existed. While traditional Feng Shui is exceptionally prescriptive – even rigid, Mattson has found adaptable and customizable techniques for any living situation. Some of the methods and materials that Mattson will teach you to use:

  • From Sacred Geometry and numerology: Use specific Dimensions and ratios in your Home layout – of furniture, accessories, and room function
  • From Pythagoras and Ancient Egypt (and others): Learn why Architecture is frozen music. Design with this ever in mind
  • From ancient Egypt: Use shapes and colors to produce specific frequencies. It’s easy to match the frequency you need for the goal you want to accomplish.
  • From the ancient Hindus: Select materials – such as wood or glass, stone or cloth, etc. for their unique energetic gifts. Natural materials emanate Elemental Fundamentals, which can be used prescriptively like Ayurvedic medicine. Materials that create the soothing sounds of lapping water are glass, mirrors, and decorative things with smooth and lively texture. Flowing repetitive patterns in fabrics, curtains, and pillows soften stress.  Add soft hues of blues and greens to provide a significant calming influence.
  • Alter the location of essential items in your house in relation to the cardinal directions, any natural lay lines or geological features nearby – rivers nearby, or lakes, or the ocean to harness great healing powers imbued in special spots of nature.
  • Every living space has a flow and a focus area – know these and use them to your maximum benefit
  • And the combinations of these factors are almost limitless

Ancient temples and sacred sites harness the energy of the Earth. That is why people make pilgrimages to these places. Many ancient sacred sites were like community health centers and restored visitors to their optimum energy and power. Techniques that capture sacred energies can be used in your living space. Use forces of nature, alter energy currents, redirect harmful energy currents like 5G and electromagnetic pollution.

A Few Specific Examples…


Abundance is a goal for many readers. There are many small moves that you can take with your living space to produce the energy for more Abundance. Each small change adds to your Abundance Energy AND taken together, many small design elements can yield significant results. Mattson recommends filling your dwelling with Light. Candles, fireplaces, twinkle lights, and warm lighting are strong sources of Abundance Energy. Also excellent are things that housed fire/evoke remembrance of fire, such as: reds and oranges, curled forms, woods and thunder. Things made from animal materials recall vibrant life and Abundance of vitality – such as feathers, leather, faux furs, and wool. Listening to music played by natural gut string instruments – such as violins – calls Abundance Energy. You do not need to spend extravagantly in your decor. However, be choosy to select rich feeling fabrics and colors. Those items that will work best for you will reach out to you strongly… be mindful even dowse your selections’ energies before you buy. Combinations of the above are effective, and you will know when you are creating Abundance Energy in your Home.

Calm Down

Use soft lines, curvy shapes, and slow rhythmic patterns to evoke calming energy in your Home. Fractal patterns give us stress relief and calm energy. Some people use art with natural fractals like trees and flowers. Carpets and wallpaper are an excellent place to infuse soft fabrics, colors, and fractal designs. Animals such as the deer or stag and the heron are perfect forms for calmness and tranquility. Any connection to these animals can produce calm and dissolve stress and anxiety. You will be amazed how much better you will feel in your space when you thoughtfully add the energies that you crave. You will sit in absolute peace and tranquility when you get your environment the way you need it to be! An extra soft chair or couch is probably a must – or even just a special oversized throw pillow.


In any type of home design, Clearing Negativity is critical. Fortunately, there are many ways to accomplish Clearing in your Home. Use Sound Waves as carrier waves and direct negative energy out of your house. Sound can loosen and remove negative energies. A tuning fork used properly can Clear a room or an entire house.

Earth energies, crystals, certain layouts, and shapes are all useful for Clearing. Many strive for simple, uncluttered rooms and designs – these can purify your Home’s energy.

Also, eliminate any electromagnetic energies that may be present. (5G, WiFi, any residual electronic energies are negative.) Telluric energy was used in stone circles to improve people’s flow of energy. Learn how to manage telluric energy on your property and around your Home to create vitalizing energy that you entrain to.

The use of flowing water is excellent to clear unwanted energies. Light – especially natural sunlight and bright white light – flushes and clears your most valued spaces. These are just a few of the numerous techniques and lessons contained in Mattson’s upcoming You Wealth interviewthat can make a big difference in your life.

Finally, the topic of the last section: Use of Tuning Forks is an amazing tool to help Clear your space of any unwanted negative energies and blockages.

Use of Tuning Forks

Jill Mattson has selected two Tuning Fork Packages to compliment her Manifesting with Home Energy Tools.

The Om weighted Body Tuner produces the Primordial Frequency of “Om”. Tune your body to the Om vibration and enter a state of balanced wholeness ideal for Healing and other “High Consciousness” pursuits. The Om tuner quickly helps center the body and mind. The Om tuning fork can be used in an acupuncture-like treatment by placing the fork’s stem on strategic body locations, such as rib heads, thoracic vertebrae, sternum, sacrum, and ilium. The Om Fork aids in the practice of yoga and meditation. Clear your energy meridians, without needles, using the Om Body Tuner. The majority of the fork’s sound energy goes to the stem due to the weighted wheel on the fork’s head. Heal sore locations in your body by placing the stem on tight muscles and painful locations.

“Om” is a beautiful frequency to utilize in clearing a space. Strike the Om fork – to start it vibrating – then slowly walk through the area to be cleared. Negative energy is released and removed via the sound of the Om Body Tuner. Another method is to place the vibrating fork’s stem on the wall, floor, or furniture to be cleared. You can hear the sound vibration running through the object and clearing stuck energy.

The pathways through your house are like your veins and arteries, distributing a variety of subtle energies. When you clear the flow patterns in your home, you also purify the flow of subtle energy in your body and emotional energy fields, creating health and positivity.

The second Tuning Fork set is comprised of 15 tuning forks. These tuners are specially designed and targeted for specific organs of the body.

Science has shown that tuning organs in animals to their proper frequency returns the organ to health.  In another example, some orthopedic physicians give their patients a soundbox – based on healthy bones – to drastically reduce the healing time for a broken bone. Your organs’ perfect sounds can be ingested by listening and being exposed to these frequencies in your auric fields. You can also place the stem of the fork on the appropriate body location to direct the restorative frequencies into your body.

In your home, the sound of healthy digestion (intestines 281 Hz.) after a huge meal is beneficial to all. Use this fork in your kitchen and dining room. Got a headache? Enjoy the sound of the brain in perfect harmony. Feel a cold coming on? Use the sounds of lungs functioning optimally. You may designate separate areas in your home for specific healings. Consistent use of particular sounds in an area subtly retains those vibratory energies.

Frequencies of 15 piece set Organ Tuning Forks

  • Blood – 321.9 Hz
  • Adrenals – 492.8 Hz
  • Kidneys – 319.88 Hz
  • Liver – 317.83 Hz
  • Bladder – 352 Hz
  • Intestines – 281 Hz
  • Lungs – 220 Hz
  • Colon – 176 Hz
  • Gall Bladder – 164.3 Hz
  • Pancreas – 117.3 Hz
  • Stomach – 110 Hz
  • Brain – 315.8 Hz
  • Fat Cells – 295.8 Hz
  • Muscles – 324 Hz
  • Bone – 418.3 Hz

About Jill Mattson

Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing! She has produced nine CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Jill is a four – time author. (The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).

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