Are you sometimes confused by the words “New Earth”? We know you have heard that term before but do you understand what that means and how to live within the New Earth? To understand what is meant by the terms “New Earth” and “5D”, we first have to understand what is meant by “3D”. The third dimension, sometimes also called the Matrix, is an energetic and emotional space. It consists of limiting and restricting beliefs, emotions (Energy in Motion), patterns and behaviors. As humans, we have been birthed into and grown up within the restrictive structure of the 3D for many thousands of years. We have been taught core beliefs such as “not enough” and “I’m not worthy”. We have grown up in an energetic environment of fear, limitation, uncertainty and often much trauma. This can result in a lifetime of struggle, fight and scarcity. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. The New Earth, also called the 5D, is an energetic space of Divine Love, happiness, gratitude, laughter, fun, creativity, compassion, peace, joy, kindness, inspiration, abundance, flow, ease, understanding, acceptance and many other high frequency emotions. The New Earth can also be a space that feels unfamiliar to you. If you’ve grown up in an environment of struggle, lack, limitation, neglect or abuse, that is the emotional space that is going to feel familiar and comfortable to you. We call that your comfort zone. In moments of stress, we default to our comfort zone. If you’ve ever said something to yourself such as “Why did I say that (or react that way)?”, that’s why. Your unconscious self took over and in a moment of stress, you reacted according to your conditioning and your default comfort zone. 

In order to start connecting to the space of the New Earth, choose an emotion that you would like to resonate with. Let’s say it’s Happiness. Any conditioning you’ve received in your lifetime that says you are not allowed to be happy or that if you are happy, something bad will happen, “Release on all levels; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and cellular and throughout all time and space”. You can use that statement to release anything that is not working for you or is keeping you stuck in struggle or limitation. 

Now, think of a time you have felt happy in your life. If you have to go all the way back to your childhood to remember a time you were happy, that’s ok. It can be seeing a beautiful sunset, laughing at something you found funny, going for a walk etc. It can be any moment that you recall feeling even a brief of moment of happiness. We are now going to ask you to notice; when you felt happy, did you feel light or heavy? Yes, you felt light. Your energy felt light and you felt expansive. Imagine feeling happy right now. Let go of trying to ‘get it right’ and simply let yourself imagine you are feeling happy. Notice how you feel an expansiveness within you, maybe there is even a small smile beginning at the corners of your mouth. Notice your thoughts, they will feel lighter and more positive. 

When you can feel the difference between the emotions (Energy in Motion) of the 5D and the 3D, you can begin creating in the 5D. What you are doing is feeling the Truth of those 5D emotions within you and that is when they become real to the body. When those 5D emotions such as happiness feel real to the body, that is when you will ground into the space of the New Earth. 

About The Author

Joy excels at supporting individuals with becoming unstuck and freeing themselves so that they can live a more fulfilled and creative life. Since we’re rarely taught as children how to process and let go of emotions that are limiting us, those emotions can become stuck in our bodies at a cellular level. If you’ve ever gone through any trauma in your life such as a car accident, relationship break up, loved ones dying, loss of employment, physical, sexual, emotional abuse or more, chances are you haven’t known how to deal with the emotional aftermath of those events. Those emotions then become stored in your body. Once that happens, you can develop attachments to those limiting feelings and unconsciously create scenarios in your life that can cause feelings such as anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, anger, overwhelm etc to repeat over and over.

The first step to becoming Self Empowered is awareness. Once you become aware of what’s limiting you, it can then be released and cleared. After spending the first part of her life training horses, Joy eventually realized it was time to move on. After years of soul searching and intensive inner work, she has developed the ability to read the emotional energies we each carry within us and now specializes in energy clearings and activations. Our energy Field is unique to each of us. Joy excels at identifying the emotional energy within your Field, releasing what has been keeping you stuck and limited and then activating the New Earth energies that you are ready to feel and embody. 

After listening to and experiencing Joy’s clearings and activations, many have reported feeling renewed and ready to experience the joys of life once again! Joy reminds each of us that we ALL have value, regardless of what we’ve been through, have done or have experienced.

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