Do you yearn to be of service but don’t know how to go about it

Do Fears keep you from living the life you desire

Do you feel like a victim and you life is meaningless

Do you feel you have lost touch

Do you feel you don’t matter and don’t belong

Do you feel fatigued

Do you feel anxious, worried, depressed

Do you feel disappointed with your life

Do you feel alone or isolated even with others

Have you experienced these feeling?

Learn to recognize when your higher self is guiding you.

Accessing the wisdom within you is vital to you leading the life you were meant to live. It is a matter of learning to recognize when your higher self is guiding you. We are all unique beings so we all have our own way of connecting in. You just want to learn the way you connect.

Just look at it as an adventure, trying out new paths, new ways of being other than that which we have come to understand.

Yes, head chatter will start up, the cognitive mind or ego is threatened by the higher self. It will do all it can do convince you that you are making it up, that it is leading you astray, to ignore it. Just shut down the mind chatter. Just concentrating on your breathing can help you do that.

If you resonate with one or several or all of the feelings above you have disconnected from your higher self. Reconnecting will change your life. Just that connection alone will let you know that you are never alone.

The soul talks to us through physical symptoms, the body will speak to us through experiences in the body. A gut feeling, a headache, stomach ache, some physical awareness. That can be your soul telling you that you are so off course and your body is trying to help make you aware of that and to get your attention. Trauma and loss can be a huge opening to get in alignment with your soul and when you do the physical symptoms go away.

Symbols can be a way to reconnect, possibly a feather, you want to look at what more this means. Ask questions, especially when you find them in unusual places. I was once reading a book in the living room and something dropped down in front of me, it startled me, I thought in that instant it was a spider. When I looked it was a feather. Who has feathers falling from the ceiling? From the sky yes, maybe a bird was flying by, but in in your house. So in that instant you want to tune in. Who came to mind, did you get an image, a smell such as a cherry pipe tobacco like your great grandpa smoked, do you hear a song running through your head that your great grandpa always played, was there an ad on TV or a show right then that would have given you a clue as to what the feather meant. Be aware of what comes to you, ask questions and put the pieces together. This all adds up to a visitation from your great grandpa who had passed away and now is coming and giving signs that he is still with you.

Being aware needs to become the normal for you in order to connect.

People ask how do you know it is your higher self, your intuition, your guidance. To BE AWARE is the answer. Over time you will learn how you connect or how the answers come to you.

Some ways to build this connection would be to ask a question, either out loud or in your journal, and expect an answer. Then watch, listen, tune in to receive it. Don’t decide how it should come. Just stay open and aware.

Be curious, have a sense of wonder, like a child. I wonder who my guides are, I wonder what finding pennies all the time means, I wonder why I have a stomach ache yet doctors can’t find anything wrong with me. Asking open ended questions is a great way to connect to your higher self.

Let go of judgement. So often we cut ourselves off from our higher self by judging what we are receiving and dismissing it.

Welcome the uncertainty and play with it. When children are uncertain they test it out, do experiments, play with what it might be by imagining it this way and that way.

Do you want to know if it is a yes or a no. Feel into your energy. When you say, out loud, I am moving to ………………. does your energy expand or constrict? When you say out loud I bought a……………….. does your energy expand or constrict. You want to state it as if you already did it and see what your energy does.

That is another exercise you can use to help you see what is for your highest good.

Have fun, play with it and reconnect.