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At a very basic level, karma operates under cause and effect type principles. Your actions now will have a direct influence on what happens to you later. Which is ultimately why our fates are not written in stone.

When we do good deeds for others, like buying the coffee of the next person in line or giving a homeless person a meal, we create a ripple effect. There’s now a possibility that this person we’ve helped will “pay it forward” by doing a good deed of their own, and there’s a chance that we created a positive energy source with our actions

Here are five laws of Karma that can change your life:

The Great Law – “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

To explain this law simply: every single action we perform and thought that we have has a consequence, be it good or bad. In order to achieve what we desire most, whether it be love, peace, or prosperity, we must be willing to shift our being into alignment with our desires.

The Law of Creation – “What we desire comes through participation”

The reality that we’ve all been born into has been shaped by the intentions of others over the course of time. Because we are all intertwined as one in the universe, it is our intentions and willfulness that shape creation. Surround yourself with people and objects that are in line with your deepest desires.

The Law of Humility – “Refusal to accept what is”

Acceptance is a universal theme for various different systems of belief, and with good reason. We cannot begin to change our reality if we are in complete denial about every aspect of that reality. When we choose to think about the negative, instead of taking action to change the negative, we’re only furthering rumination and stagnation.

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