I spoke to renowned trauma specialist, Dr. Gabor Maté, at a conference. He has done great work for humanity and I respect him very much.

His keynote speech was about ADHD and his belief that it is the result of a child being in a chaotic household. The child’s nervous system cannot process the overload of stimuli and the end result is an attempt to disperse the chaotic energy through constant movement, compulsive behavior and the like. I’m not saying that can’t be true…

I wanted to share my discovery about a child’s lack of focus and disruptive behavior. I have treated several hundred children since 1995. Nearly all of them were treated remotely. That means they were not with me. I worked on them surrogately, through their photograph. I tune in and can see, sense and hear what the issues are. Then I clear the problematic energies out of the body, usually through the chakra system.

In 100% of my cases of working for these children with disruptive behavior, what I have been shown is a past life where the child was also a child – in fact, the exact same age as when the ADHD symptoms began – and in every case, in the past life, the child was being sexually traumatized.

Since we have cellular memory and all emotions and experiences of our past lives are imprinted on the cells of all successive lifetimes, it makes sense that we are affected in this life by things that happened in other lifetimes. Until the past life trauma is cleared, a person will continue to react to it, even multiple lifetimes later.

For you, dear reader, who is knowledgeable and open to energy healing, it’s a helpful strategy to have healing work done as soon as possible after a traumatic event, to avoid long suffering emotionally, mentally and physically.

This past life trauma-current life reaction information is always a shock to parents. I have to brooch the subject gently so they understand I am not accusing them of abuse. I was sharing this with Dr. Maté to see if he had ever found this correlation, too. He was very quick to dismiss the notion. He was firm that only a chaotic environment creates ADHD.

The truth is, for every child I’ve worked on, the child’s behavior improves immensely after just one remote healing session. Parents and teachers cannot believe the change in the child. Subsequent sessions will help the child improve more and more.

I’ve noticed that children will need one session for every year they have been alive, plus about 20% more for those with sexual trauma. So, a ten-year-old will usually need twelve sessions for their behavior to permanently transform and go into the ‘normal’ range. This is much more efficient and cost-effective than years in psychotherapy. Again, I do this healing work remotely.

To Dr. Maté’s point, if a child is being molested or sexually abused at home, that is the epitome of a chaotic environment. I had hoped he would explore the idea of the chaos being a cellular memory from a previous life. Actually, I don’t know how he could admit to that and address it, as a medical doctor. I guess it’s a good thing us healers can work with this and discover the invisible connections that can cause disease.

About The Author:
Sophia Zoe is a healing powerhouse. When healers need healing, they go to Sophia. She works quickly and her accuracy is impressive. She can see into the individual and collective energy fields, accessing information to help people heal, grow and prosper. She has been doing this since 1994.

Sophia has studied over 25 healing methods, and specializes in clearing trauma. She is a product of her own skills. After a near-fatal car accident, Sophia healed herself of the 85 injuries and dysfunctions that resulted. Nine doctors’ reports declared “Patient not expected to recover.” But after she took matters into her own hands, Sophia fully regained her health and happiness. She also reversed her Type 2 Diabetes, lost 100 pounds and cured herself of debilitating insomnia.

Her passion for natural healing – and a belief that there are no hopeless cases – make Sophia a champion for her clients…who say “I feel great and I didn’t know I could be so happy!”

Sophia Zoe has co-authored a book with Les Brown, Dr. John Gray and Marci Shimoff. In it, Sophia writes about many kinds of trauma and how they can be resolved.

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