Your Higher Self and The Path Toward Oneness

Whether you call it your Higher Self, divine aspect, inner master, or master within, connecting and integrating with your Higher Self is your soul/sole mission on earth. It is your ticket to rapid progress on The Path Toward Oneness. Here’s a short story that describes why…

Some time ago, while flying from Virginia to Florida, I sat next to a young man in his twenties. Although he wore civilian clothing, I overheard him mention he was on leave from Afghanistan.

He was smiling, happy and completely relaxed. Even recognizing that he would naturally be relieved to be getting a little R&R, I was struck by how completely at ease and at peace he was. I asked him if he was this relaxed back in Afghanistan.

He laughed and said, “Not quite. We’re in a valley near the Pakistan border and every day someone is firing shots or launching mortars at us.”

He was bright, clear eyed and open minded. He was teaching himself the Pashto language so he could talk with the villagers. He had an understanding of the situation on the ground that came from direct experience, not the misinformation you get from some biased political account.

When I mentioned that I wrote a book that takes place, in part, in Pakistan he was intrigued. When I told him the characters were practicing advanced mystic skills like telepathy, remote viewing and astral projection, he was at rapt attention.

He told me he was raised as a Christian but accepted that everyone should be free to practice whatever religion they chose. He asked me all sorts of questions about mysticism and my concept of God. He was a sponge for information.

I explained that everyone is free to form their own conception of God, but in the mystic view all is One. Most religions, at their core, profess that God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, that is, all present, all powerful and all knowing.

The only way that God could have these three attributes is if God is One. Otherwise God would not be omnipresent. There cannot be anything outside of the One, because what could possibly divide the One?

He took my words in scientifically and without judgment, gathering information and weighing it carefully before forming any conclusions. He was acting like a true mystic.

I continued. Our entire universe exists solely in the One, or in other words, in the mind of God. Again, our universe cannot exist outside of the One, for then the One would not be omnipresent.

Within each one of us, there exists a Divine aspect, which animates us. This is our soul. God is in each of us.

I offered an analogy. As the author of Mystic Warrior, I created an entire universe. I am the “God of that universe.” It exists in my mind and one of the characters, Alec Thorn, also exists in my mind. He is in me.

Conversely, I gave birth to Alec Thorn. He now has an existence independent of me. People who “get to know him” by reading Mystic Warrior could predict how he would react in different scenarios. While he is not me, I am the animating force that gives him life. I am in him.

One of Jesus’ most famous quotes about the Father can now be understood. When he says, “He is in me and I am in Him,” he is stating a universal truth – one which is true for every man, woman and child on earth.

If you stop and contemplate this, you will come to realize that the soul within each of us is the same soul. Every one of us is animated by this same Divine aspect. We are each single points of awareness in the One.

Here on earth, we clothe our true nature with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies which are formed from our choices and experiences over lifetimes. It is our soul personality, not our actual soul, which creates the illusion of separation.

Within us, there exists an inner compass or soul urge that is driving us back to Oneness. The path towards Oneness consists of embracing higher vibrational energies that lead to love, peace, joy and unity and discarding the lower vibrational ones that lead to fear, anger, hatred and separation.

Our purpose in life is to attune with God, to listen to the Divine aspect, Higher Self or inner master in the heart of each of us and to follow the guidance within. By doing so, we will naturally discard false beliefs and move towards unity.

As we began our descent, the young man nodded and said, “Very interesting. You’ve given me a lot to think about.”

Then I recognized that in his own way, this young man was already doing exactly what I had described. His learning a foreign language and communicating directly with the villagers of Afghanistan was forming a bridge. He was listening to his inner master and furthering our progress on the path towards Oneness.