While yoga and meditation are often the two most widely practiced rituals to help one achieve mindfulness and serenity in the mind and body, Mudra is a practice that offers similar benefits that not many people know about.

Mudra uses different hand positions and gestures to stimulate various different areas of the body and mind. It is native to India and features eight different hand positions that provide different benefits.

Check out each one below and pick a few that you’d like to try out!

Vaayu Mudra
This gesture helps ease an anxious mind. If you have a sudden bout of aggression or hyperactivity, try using this hand position to center yourself.

Gyan Mudra
Use this hand position if you need a jolt when it comes to enthusiasm and creativity. It also helps get rid of drowsiness if you need to be alert.

Varun Mudra
Use this gesture to help soothe any achy joints, muscle cramps and arthritis.

Surya Mudra
This hand position works to inhibit earth while boosting fire, resulting in benefits for the thyroid.

Prithvi Mudra
Use this gesture to rid yourself of fatigue and help your muscles to heal.

Shunya Mudra
If you are suffering troubles with your ears, this hand gesture can help ease pain.

Aakash Mudra
One of the more powerful gestures–this hand position helps resolve fear, anger, sorrow and stagnation. It also helps the metabolism.

Use each of these gestures throughout your day wherever you are when you feel in need of a pick-me-up!

Source: http://expandedconsciousness.com/2017/02/28/holding-your-hand-in-this-positions-does-something-incredible-for-your-body/

Images: http://expandedconsciousness.com/2017/02/28/holding-your-hand-in-this-positions-does-something-incredible-for-your-body/