Fulfillment through failure sounds crazy, however by changing the meaning that we tend to automatically attach to failure is what opens the door to massive success. For me however, it was quite the process to get there. It’s through utilization of goals that lead me to my peaked frustration. I, like many others, bought into the concept that to reach a desired outcome, you make a pretty little spread sheet with some great pie charts, plug in that outcome along with some actionable steps, and viola; you’re supposed to get what you want. Now this concept was revolutionary to me at a young age and did help in many areas. The part that lead to my frustration is when the actual outcome didn’t match the desired one (also known as failure). Some bumps along the road surfaced, and for one reason or another I failed at achieving that goal (and most others that followed).download movie Midnight Special 2016 now

After multiple let downs I knew there had to be a better way. I was hitting the checklist of using the “SMART” method as follows. Was the goal specific? Yes, I had a clear and specific listed outcome. How was I to measure progress? I had a nice blueprint set up with weekly measurements. What were the actionable items? I had listed specific actions to take. Was it realistic (I’ve never really agreed with this one as when I believe when you set a crazy goal, you don’t yet know the resources it’ll take so that’s the part of growth that’s necessary to achieve it). And then finally time bound. Check that box as I have the red x on the calendar circled with that target date.

Most goals I had set for myself I was failing at achieving. So where did I go wrong? It took several years of failure after failure and I have to say that it feels horrible thinking you’re a failure as you’re falling short of reaching almost every goal you set. This is when I stumbled upon an incredibly active day trader (whom traded equities professionally in the stock market) and I noticed he was just absolutely crushing it day after day and had tremendous confidence. So I reached out and got him to agree to take me on and coach me. I showed him my goals, my plan, all the things that in business school, they tell you is necessary to execute. Funny enough it took us one conversation for him to realize why I was emotionally bankrupt and wreaked of failure. This is when one small tweak completely changed my paradigm. You know what I’m talking about, that moment where you get a piece of information that completely blows your mind and is the game changer. This was my moment that changed the course of my life.

This is when he introduced me to PROCESS GOALS. He explained to me how outcome goals are fantastic as they are the big picture, but they aren’t enough. By utilizing these process goals he showed me how the outcome doesn’t matter when you focus on the process, and by multiple failures you learn how to build a system through that process which then leads you to the desired outcome. Think reverse engineering here. A great example on a larger scale are algorithms. They are a process that is repeated over and over and over again, perfectly repeated in the same sequence in order to achieve the outcome. If one number is off, the process won’t work and it must be rebuilt, but the key to this is instant feedback in the process. To have a check list of these processes, even when the outcome goal isn’t reached, once the system has been established it doesn’t matter as over time, the outcome is achieved. Think VEGAS BABY! The house has a slight edge and even when a player wins a hand, the house doesn’t care as it’s the law of averages before the house wins since their process is always the same. The variable (the player) is a component out of the houses control, but it doesn’t matter as long as they stick to the process. Even when a hand is lost, it is through failure that triumph is reached. Now anytime I am creating a process for a new system (aka outcome goal), I look for failure from the process goal as quickly as possible as this is the live feedback that slowly but surely leads to the desired outcome.

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About The Author:

Mark Manderson is a loving husband and father of 2. With an educational background ranging from a semester abroad at Cambridge University UK, to sailing the world attending Semester at Sea, Mark graduated with a Bachelors in International Business and Finance. He has developed extensive skill sets from years as a professional in the health industry, to over a decade in the addiction recovery field; and is now helping countless others find their passions that lead to a life of fulfillment through happiness. In his new book, “Finding Happy”, Mark provides step by step examples of easy to follow methods that help anyone kick their life into overdrive regardless of where they currently are in their journey.

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